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Just Livin’ the Dream: What It Takes


What words do you use to describe blackness, the most black that black can get, even telling someone to close theirs eyes really doesn't do it justice, but we that's been there know that's what it's like to mask up and cross over a buildings threshold and into hell. How do you tell someone that every bone in your body is going to be screaming at you to go the other way.

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Station Project: Fire Hose Art

wilkinsfirehose (3)

Since being moved to Fire Station 6: Motel 6, our crew has started talking about several projects that we would like to complete to help make the place more like a “firehouse” rather than a “fire station.” When I say ...

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NFFF Memorial Weekend: Honoring Our Heroes


Each year, hundreds of survivors attend the National Fire Academy for their loved ones to be honored. A number of activities are planned throughout the weekend for the families, and returning survivors also assist the new families throughout the weekend. Over 1,000 volunteers assist with the services to make sure the weekend is all about the families of those who passed in the last year, and those who are being honored from previous years.

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