Filling the Boot in the “Model City”

This past weekend, the Kingsport Firefighters Association Local 2270 set up at two of the grocery store locations in our area. What were we raising money for? The Muscular Dystrophy Association. The MDA has been raising money for years to help find a cure and fund research for muscular dystrophy and other neurological/muscular diseases. They have been most known for running a telethon during Labor Day weekend each year with Jerry Lewis being the spokesperson. Lewis had to step down after last year as being the spoke person, but they have a list of celebrities that help each year. The IAFF has been helping fund research for the MDA since 1954. Nationwide, firefighters volunteer their time each year to help “Fill the Boot” to fund the MDA. We will also be out this Friday and Saturday once again. Help support those in need and remember that every penny counts.