The Holidays Are Upon Us

This year, my shift has lucked out and is not having to work very holidays. I was off this Thursday, Thanksgiving, and I am actually on my four day break this year during Christmas. Due to our shift schedule, I have had to work either Christmas Eve or Christmas day since I have been on the job. So, my schedule finally works out for me to have December 22-25th off. I look forward to spending this time with my girlfriend, her son, and our families.

On Thanksgiving, we spent the day with my family back in Virginia. I cherish each and every holiday that I am able to spend with them. We had a great meal at my grandmothers, and I was able to see some family that only makes it in town for the holidays. It seems as though Halloween was just here, and now the Christmas tree is already decorated.

Most people have the holidays off of work, and having the potential to work is the one downside to working in the fire service. This year, A-shift worked Thanksgiving. We usually have pretty relaxed shifts besides the calls that come in. Of course, working on Thanksgiving or Christmas wouldn’t be right without a firehouse cooked meal. Below is a photo from Firefighter Wells of the meal they prepared at our newest station, Station 8.

We also reached the “200 Likes” on our Facebook page this week. I did a Challenge Coin give-away and sealed the package today to be mailed out to Arthur Green in Connecticut. I appreciate everyone following along, and more give-aways will be in store later. If you haven’t “Liked” the page, click here to do so.

Also, check out The Fire Critic. He has completed his annual Top 10 Gifts for Firefighters 2012. Click here to view the article.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy these times with your families.