Apartment Fire, Dumpster Fire, and Another New York Trip

This series at work has not been too busy for us at work. The guys on A-shift caught some work on Thursday when they were called to a apartment/condo complex with multiple calls of smoke/flames. Engine 2 arrived on-scene first and had a quick knockdown of the fire. I don’t know all the specifics on the fire, but I do believe they kept it contained to one unit. The picture to the right is of the C-side of the building where the fire was.

My shifts have pretty much been full of alarms and medical calls so far. Tomorrow is my last shift of the series, so we will see how it goes. Last night, we had to go out on a dumpster fire in our zone. I personally respond to a dumpster fire the exact same as I do when I respond to a structure fire. PPE is a MUST, and I know how easy it is to say that nothing will happen…but we don’t know that for sure. I come off the truck with my SCBA on, and I mask up before putting water on the fire.

We never know what is in the dumpster! Is it someone’s meth lab? Are there plastic products? Do you see any rubber products?

I want to stress to all firefighters the importance of gearing up. Take the time to breathe the air in your cylinder. Take the time to put on your hood and helmet. Yes, it may take a few extra minutes to clean-up when you return to the house…BUT at least you are returning. Each and every one of us have family at home that are relying on us to come home the next morning.

To date, 74 firefighters have lost their lives this year in the Line of Duty. Do you realize how many of those are preventable? MOST of them could have been prevented. Don’t make your department and your family have to go through that just because it was the middle of the night and you didn’t feel like masking up.

On a separate note, it seems that another New York trip is in the works. I will keep everyone informed as more information is passed along to me, but it will probably be around December 14th. The trip should be similar to the last one a couple of weeks ago. You can read about my trip in my posts: Hurricane Sandy Relief (PART 1): If These Walls Could Talk, Hurricane Sandy Relief (PART 2): Long Days and Hard Work, Hurricane Sandy Relief (PART 3): FDNY Engine 217. I have already heard from a few brothers throughout Tennessee that want to tag along for the trip, and possibly another one meeting the group up there.

Stay safe,