Volunteers, Passenger Van, and Donations Are NEEDED!

Throughout the last few days, I have been advertising online about our next trip to New York. We will be leaving Tri-cities area in Tennessee on December 14th. We will once again be staying in the Coakley house, and working to help those in need. You do not need to be a firefighter, construction worker, or in emergency services to go. All you need to be is a dedicated body that wants to make a difference. There are plenty of jobs for everyone to do. There is still time to contact me about going, and I list my email at the bottom of this post.

The one thing different from the last trip is that it looks like we will have enough volunteers from our area to travel up separate from the guys in Charlotte. We will be meeting them in Deer Park. I can’t begin to express how stoked I am to travel back and be able to help our brothers and sisters out once again. I am definitely going to miss the time with the ones I leave back here, but I feel like this should be done.

Tentatively, it looks like I will be joined by an Assistance Fire Marshal from my department and his son; a brother, Will Sergent, from middle TN who is also a fellow member of the NFE Officer’s Club; and I am still awaiting word from a few others here in the area. There is no doubt it will be a great group of guys, and I hope we can get a lot accomplished.

I have been in contact with Tom Stanton from Charlotte, and I am sort-of coordinating our end up here in Tennessee. I have spend the last couple of hours calling around attempting to find a 12-15 passenger rental van that we may be able to have donated or be able to rent for a discounted prices. It is stressful to say the least, but I am sure everything will come together before we depart. I am bound and determined that we will make this work out. The reason it’s so important to attempt to get a lower/free rate on it is that the LESS money we are forced to spend towards travel expenses, the more we are able to donate towards the relief efforts!

If anyone else would like to contribute any supplies, tools, or cash donation, please contact me at acatron@firehousemail.com. Please share this with anyone who may know someone! I appreciate all of the support from the community, our families and loved ones, and friends during these trips.