Hurricane Sandy: Lindenhurst (Part 2)

The area of Lindenhurst, located on Long Island, was hit hard during the storm. We started off the morning by helping a Battalion Chief from FDNY on a house that he owns. He fortunately had been able to do a lot of work since the storm, but needed a few hands. We mainly helped hang doors, sort molding, tear out and re-hang sheet rock.

We arrived at a parking lot full of a few storage containers and tents. There was a large sign that read, “Camp Bulldog.” This is place that members of the community can go to and let others know of their needs. In turn, work crews report to “Camp Bulldog” and receive work orders and assist with clean-up.

The last trip in November, we worked one long day in Lindenhurst cleaning up debris out of a yard. After looking around, I realized that we were just a few blocks over from the house that we had assisted about a month ago. We quickly loaded into the van and drove over to the house, which was right on the coast.

I almost had a knot in my stomach as I approached the door and knocked. A few seconds later, Rob and Darlene, the couple that lives there, came to the door. I introduced myself, and they quickly invited everyone in. We briefly talked about how things were going and what stage of the “building back” process they were in. They explained that since we had helped them, they also had launched a program to help another family this Christmas. I believe that their sons own a plumbing business, and they partnered with area businesses to give away a brand new heating and hot water system to one of their residents. They raised over $40,000 for the community, and are still going strong! It was great to follow up with this family, and we also had the chance to pray with them before moving along.

As we arrived at our job, we quickly realized there was an entire days work in the house. The bottom four feet of sheet rock had been removed, but the rest had to come out. The flooring had to all be removed down to the floor joists also. We got straight to work and spent the rest of the day at this house. The homeowner was there with us, and they were staying in the upstairs of the house. They were extremely thankful for the hard work that all of our crew put in. I have attached a few photos below of the Lindenhurst jobs.