Product Review: Box Alarm Leather, LLC

During 2012, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a Phenix TL-2 leather lid. My department furnishes a composite helmet, but according to the GOG’s, we are able to wear an “approved” helmet. Years ago, I had a leather helmet in my volunteer department. We have since went to a composite helmet since our older leathers were not NFPA compliant. I purchased a Phenix TL-2 through the National Firefighter’s Endowment. They were able to give me the best price on it with all the bells and whistles. I added the leather package, custom name stamping, and the Bourke’s shield. Since I had a new helmet on the way, I knew it was a must to have a custom leather shield to display on it. I decided to purchase mine from Box Alarm Leather, LLC.

Box Alarm Leather’s website:

Box Alarm Leather specializes in handcrafted custom leather gear and accessories for Fire, Rescue and EMS professionals. We start with the highest quality raw materials and thorough preparation.  Knowing “the job”, Box Alarm Leather custom products are made ensuring that the pride and tradition of the fire service is sewn into every piece.

Ordering Process
The ordering process was easy as 1,2,3. I submitted a inquiry on their website and within a matter of hours, I was exchanging emails with Andrew, one of the owners of Box Alarm, about designing my shields. I ordered two custom shields and a custom stamped glove strap.

Design Process
The design process is simple: You get what you want! For my first shield, I was having one made identical to the shield that my department issues our firefighters to wear on-duty. I simply sent a photo to Box Alarm and there weren’t any more questions…they knew exactly what I needed. The second shield I ordered was for my IAFF local. I simply submitted an email describing some key points that I wanted featured on my shield. I had given it lots of thought and decided due to my involvement with my Local, I wanted to have the IAFF logo, my last name, the city I work for, and an American flag color scheme.

Delivery Time
The delivery time can be quite long due to the high demand for custom shields, radio straps, glove straps, and other items they offer. At the time I purchased my shields, the delivery time was around 3 months (Radio straps and glove straps are a much quicker turnaround). I can honestly tell you that it was WELL worth the wait. The anticipation nearly killed me as I waited to see what kind of masterpiece they would reveal. The craftsmanship that is put in to building these items is remarkable.

Don’t Wait…
Box Alarm Leather is very good about keeping their customers happy and up to date on their order status. They are firefighters themselves, and they know what kind of product that firefighters expect. If it can be made out of leather, they can do it! A few of the items include custom helmet shields, radio straps, glove straps, and shield plaques.

The photos do not give the company enough credit. Each letter on the shield is hand carved and is raised leather. There is no flat reflective letters like on the other shields I have seen. I have listed links to their social media sites below as well. I would recommend Box Alarm Leather to anyone that is in the market for some new leather items.

Box Alarm Leather
Phone: (304) 261-7536
Mailing Address:

PO Box 1033
Shepherdstown, WV  25443-1033