Response: Vehicle Fire VS Structure Fire

Last night, I was on-shift while Engine 2 received tones for a vehicle fire. While responding, the crew was notified that the vehicle was next to the residence and the fire had quickly spread to the exterior of the house. Engine 2 quickly requested a full assignment as they arrived on-scene to find a vehicle fully involved on the D-side of the structure. The vehicle was parked under an attached carport w/ the structure of the house extending over the vehicle that was on fire. The crew was able to make a quick knockdown on the fire and had minor extension into the house or area above the vehicle.

Vehicle Fire:
1 Engine
Residential Alarm: 4 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Chief
Working Structure Fire: 5 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Chief

Dispatchers are only able to use what information they receive from the 911 calls. As responders, we tend to ready ourselves for what is awaiting for us as we arrive on-scene based on this information. It is very easy to become complacent while responding to a fire alarm after you have been canceled on three already during your shift; however, if you are dispatched to a reported structure fire with heavy smoke and flames showing, you prepare yourself for going to work. We all need to be sure that we are prepared for anything since we never know what we will find on-scene. Recently, our brothers in West Webster, NY, had prepared themselves to go to work. I would venture to say that they had entered the mindset of expecting to arrive on-scene and return to the station after the job was done. This of course was not the case, and two of our brothers answered their last call. Feel free to comment and share as always, and if you haven’t checked out the Facebook page…Click here.