First Due with Cpt. Iceman, Goose, and Maverick

Apparently, the website has been a topic of discussion amongst several of the guys at my department recently. I have stayed away from the contriversial topics, and I will continue to because that is not what I want people to get out of this site. The blog name, The “Model City” Firefighter, derived from the city I work in being known as “The Model City.” The content on the site is still in the building phase, and I try to write articles that not just the guys in my department relate to.

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A couple of weeks ago, I told everyone about my new assignment on Engine 2. We have a newly assigned station, a different rig, and a different crew. My crew brought up the website and talked about how they didn’t want me posting all over the internet about everything they do. Just as I said before, thats not the purpose of the site. So, we joked around about coming up with a few aliases that I could use to refer to the guys I work with every shift.

Engine 2 Crew: Cpt. Iceman, Engineer Goose, FF Maverick, and The “Model City” 

I figured they wouldn’t have liked Larry, Mo, and Curly too much. As at any of the stations, we like to laugh and cut up during some of our down time. Integrity is a quality that any team or crew must have. At the same time, you need to know when to cut up and when to get to work. Only being on the job 5 years now, I have had my fair share or pranks played on me. It seems to create a stronger bond since we work together, train together, and basically live together 10 days a month. While I have been stationed with a couple of these guys before, I look forward to what this year holds for us.

Yesterday, our first shift back, we had Haz-Mat Awareness training at headquarters for several hours. During the first five months of the year, all of our employees complete manditory training classes that is mandated by the state. This ranges from CPR to Vehicle Extrication classes. It may not always be the most interesting, but it does help keep everyone refreshed on their skills.

After class, all the guys pretty much called it a night fairly early. Around 4 o’clock this morning, fire units were dispatched out to a reported structure fire in Zone 1. Engine 2 arrived on-scene first to a residence with heavy smoke showing and assumed Command. “Maverick” didn’t hesitate at all to grab the nozzle and be the first one through the door. Luckily, the seat of the fire was quickly located, and they made a good knockdown of the fire. We pulled ceiling to make sure it hadn’t extended into the attic area, ventilated, and finished up within a few hours..

After returning to the station, I started working on cleaning up my gear for next shift. I snapped a quick picture of my helmet and sent it over to my brother Mitchell Brown of Smoke Is Showing Photography. He had recently posted on his Facebook page (Smoke Is Showing on Facebook), that he was looking for a leather helmet to photograph. Since he’s in Ontario and I am in Tennessee, I sent it the picture to him to work his “magic” on. I couldn’t be happier with the way the photo turned out! Be sure to check out his website and become a fan on Facebook.

Of course, I had just enough time to get all the insulation and grim off my gear/hemlt just before shift change. We are back on shift tomorrow and the Weatherman says the snow/ice is going to be starting during the night. This could make for a busy shift…