Competing With The Best

This is the third part of Brian Edwards’ story about competing with the best in the business during his travels across the country. He also outlines his upcoming events that he is scheduled to participate in this year.

In the first article, Brian talked about starting his diet after realizing he had to become “firefighter fit.” Click here to view the first article, Becoming Firefighter Fit.

In his second post, Brian recalls the beginning of his career as he hired on at Loudoun County Fire Rescue and started competing in various competitions nationwide. He has accomplished quite a few of his goals, and you can read about it by clicking here to view “Becoming An Athlete.”

This is Brian’s story:

After competing in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, I asked around about what it would take to compete during the entire 2013 event schedule, rather than just one event.  They asked about my fitness status, and suggested that I check in to registering for the World’s Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge held in mid-November in Myrtle Beach SC. Nervous about the thought, I sent an email to Ontarget, the company that runs the show.  I received back word from them giving me the go-ahead.

With only 3 weeks to kick up the training, I had to hit the gym to get ready. This was a huge accomplishment for me and I couldn’t believe I was able to make it in to race. I had decided to sign-up for two days of racing. During my training, I was able to get great encouragement and assistance from the coaching staff at Crossfit Reston.  With the help of Jeff, one of the owners at Crossfit Reston,  I was able to obtain a set of race gear to sport during the events.

Competing against some of the fastest men and women in the fire service was a very daunting task for me to grasp. I had my eye on the Lion’s Den, which means I would complete the course in under 100 seconds. At the same time, I also set a realistic goal of completing in less than 3 minutes.

Both runs were completed in around 2 minutes and 19 seconds, one of which was in the windy cold rain. I had surpassed my goal, and not only had I accomplished a life and career goal, but also a personal race time goal. In turn, I have set a goal of finishing in the Lion’s Den during my 2013 events.
One of the biggest challenges I continue to face is obtaining sponsorship for these events. I’m the type of person that takes care of those who take care of me. It’s in my blood, my career, and in my fitness training as well. My goal for 2013 is to not only compete in the Scott Combat Challenge, mud races, Crossfit events, and NFFF Stair climbs, but also stair climb race events that benefit lung cancer research.

Currently, I am looking forward to competing in the Capital League Crossfit Challenge, consisting of 5 weeks of competition. I also have plans to compete in stair climb races in Jersey City, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; and New York City, NY. A few more events are the NFFF Stair climb and Scott Combat Challenge in April at FDIC in Indianapolis, IN.

I have been very aggressive with working to try to find partners to help out with these events. I believe 2013 has a lot in store for me and all of my friends and family that continue to support me. This shows that hard work and dedication pays off after the blood, sweat, and tears that I have put into my training. I will never again be the “Fat Guy.”