TPFFA Legislative Conference and FDIC

It has been a little over a week since I have posted on the site. I guess you could say I have had somewhat of writer’s block. While I have been fairly busy, I am still compiling my thoughts to write a few posts about my departments Line of Duty Deaths. We have had four in my departments 97 years of existence, and I hope to write a post about each. You can read Remembering A Fallen Brother: Charles J. Berry as an introduction to Captain Berry’s story.

I spent early last week in Nashville, TN, for the Tennessee Professional Firefighters Association Legislative Conferencefor 2013. This is my third year attending, and it never fails to provide us with great information to bring back to our local. This year, our District Field Service Rep’s Pete Reagan and Thomas Malone instructed about the changes in our health care system, and they also taught about the battles that the fire service is facing due to budget cuts, station closures, lay-offs, etc. The Conference always finishes up with our firefighters going up to Capital Hill to lobby for the bills that help us, and to express concern with the ones against us. We took 7 members of our IAFF Local, the majority being members of our Executive Board. For our members, it was an honor to meet with our Representatives and Senators that took the time to hear our voice.

The Iron Fireman, The Fire Critic, and myself at 2012 FDIC

FDIC is right around the corner and the excitement is already building! I recently spoke with The Fire Critic, and it looks like we will be staying near the convention hall once again. I look forward to travelling up and hopefully seeing many familiar faces from last year, as well as meeting more brothers and sisters for the first time.

MN8’s FDIC booth (2012)

I am looking forward to meeting back up with MN8 FoxFire owner, Zach Green. He is a great friend and brother, and if you haven’t checked out their products, be sure to click the link above. I hope to have a Product Review coming within the next few weeks on MN8 FoxFire products, and they just released illuminating Helmet Bars and several new t-shirts! These guys are always on the ball about releasing new products, and they are also a HUGE supporter of the National Firefighters Endowment!

I also just received some great product from my friends over at Ride Backwards. I have been wearing their gear for years now, and they recently relaunched all of their items. If you are into fitness and in the fire service…check out Ride Backwards. I will be writing a Product Review on their new products soon.

Throughout the last few years, I have constantly been battling my weight. If I lose focus, it takes no time to start gaining pounds. I know some keep it off easier than others, and I am not that guy. I have let myself down by eating whatever I want, and it has been showing. At my lowest, I was weighing in around 215 lbs. I have let myself gain back up into the 240 lb range. I started back in the gym this past week due to some events coming up in the near future. I have around 2 months before I am heading to the Nashville area to run in the Hero Rush obstacle race. Less than a week later, I hope to be ready once again for the FDIC events including the Courage & Valor 5K and 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. I don’t have any doubts that I will be able to complete both, as I have in the past. My goal isn’t to complete…it is to compete! I am dedicated to doing this, and will be giving it my all in the gym.

I will check back in soon, and as always, thanks for following along. Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook by clicking here.