Product Review: MN8-FoxFire Products


MN8-Foxfire is a firefighter owned company that develops, markets and sells revolutionary photoluminescent coatings and products that provide illumination for several hours and stay visible in complete darkness for up to 17 hours. Our products will charge in just a few minutes from any light source and can be recharged indefinitely. As a result, there is no need for any external battery, electrical, or energy source other than light.

Every one of our products is designed with safety in mind, as we thoughtfully and deliberately develop products that will keep people safe. Our products have been especially effective for firefighter gear, arming firefighters with necessary visibility tools in the most difficult situations.

As our product line up continues to grow, MN8-Foxfire is pleased to offer products that will help people in many industries and are available in many colors.- MN8-Foxfire website.



Last year during FDIC, I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out w/ Zachary Green, Owner/President of MN8 Foxfire Products. Just a few months prior, I had ordered a MN8 Foxfire helmet band and tetrahedrons to place on my helmet. I was amazed at the technology that had been developed to increase accountability, increase firefighter safety, and decrease disorientation.

Green is a firefighter himself, and he truly stands behind his products. MN8-Foxfire truly is a firefighter owned and firefighter operated business. They work hard at increasing the number of products offered, and are constantly improving the quality of those products.

How It Works

The MN8-Foxfire helmet band “charges” off of any source of light within a matter of seconds. Many departments that use their tool wrap simply set the tools in the sunlight while checking off the apparatus, and they are charged up for the majority of the shift. I simply set my helmet on the front of the apparatus, or leave in next to my bunker pants in the bay at night. It is truly amazing the difference that is visible in darkness or low light conditions versus your traditional black rubber helmet band that is often worn.


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I have personally been wearing the helmet band and tetrahedrons on my helmet for over a year. Throughout my time of wearing them in the field, I have seen quite a bit of fire and my helmet has been exposed to heat. The products are easily cleaned using a mild soap/ warm water combination. As you can see pictured here, the band and tets have been saturated with contents from the fires. All of the debris is easily cleaned off, and the band/tets have continued to glow without any problems.


MN8-Foxfire helmet band:

  • Cost: $24.95
  • Made of industrial grade high temperature resistant silicone, Foxfire illuminating Helmet Bands illuminate search areas and make fellow crew members easy to locate.
  • Flat measurements: 11.5″ x 1.5″

MN8-Foxfire Do-It-Yourself Illumination Coating (epoxy) Kits:

  • Cost: $99.95
  • Each kit contains a two-part industrial grade epoxy, primer, mixing and application tools
  • Contains enough product to coat a hydrant (bonnet, caps and curb), several tool handles, air bottle or ladder tip

MN8-Foxfire Grip Wrap:

  • Cost: $49.95
  • Heavy duty, made of industrial grade reinforced silicone. Each roll is aprox. 55″ which is enough for the center of a large halligan, 6′ New York hook or two axe handles.
  • May be secured in place by wrapping duct tape, electrical tape, zip tie etc on end to keep it from unraveling. Does not have adhesive so it can be re-used.
  • Unique surface clings to itself and allows grip on wet or dry tools with or without gloves

MN8-FoxFire Equipment Bands:

  • Available with printed unit/crew/department identification
  • Flat measurements: 8″ x 3″

MN8-FoxFire Helmet Tetrahedrons:

  • Cost: $24.95
  • Extreme reflectivity, advanced photoluminescence afterglow
  • Strong surface bonding
  • Sold individually or in sets of eight

MN8-FoxFire Helmet Bars:

  • Cost: $19.95
  • Perfect for helmets, flashlights, radio straps, etc.
  • Reflective and high temperature resistant
  • Each bar measures 1 inch x 3 inches
  • Comes in a set of 6

Apparel Items:

  • MN8-Foxfire products also offer a variety of apparel featuring their illumination technology. They have a number of shirts that can be viewed by clicking here. Not only do they offer their t-shirts, but they also offer custom designed station duty shirts. Click here for more information.

Boots on the Street Program

MN8-Foxfire has also launched their ‘Boots on the Street’ program to offer interested individuals to assist in spreading the words and selling their products. They will set you up with a sales kit and make products available for you to sale to departments in your area. Not only can you increase the safety of your brother and sister firefighters, but you can also make money in the process. For more information, watch the video below and click here.


MN8-Foxfire really understands the dangers associated with the fire service. They have helped us all out by offering their technology in a variety of their products to increase our safety. I completely stand behind their products and know that I personally want to take every action that I can to make my job the safest it can be. If you have thought about purchasing their products in the past, make the move. You will not regret purchasing any one of their products, and they will keep you coming back for more.


Contact Information:

  • Address: 500 Wyoming Ave.
    2nd Floor
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
  • Phone:     (513) 761-7614
  • Fax:        (888) 340-4557
  • Web: