Easter in the Model City

To be honest, I love my job. I can’t say that I ever dread coming to work, and this is because I love what I do. I believe that if you love your job, then you will never have to work a day in your life. I’m not going to go as far as saying I love working on the ambulance all day/night long sometimes in my part-time job, but I can honestly say I love working at the fire department.

Even if you love your job, it doesn’t mean that you don’t sometimes wish that you were elsewhere. Today was one of those days for me. I had a great day with my family and loved ones yesterday by celebrating Easter with all the traditional kids events (easter egg hunt and coloring eggs). Luckily, with it being a Sunday, we had a pretty easy scheduled shift at work. We are at the end of our cycle, so we start our four day break tomorrow morning. After a rather slow and uneventful morning, we were able to get our cleaning done and relax. This came to an end around 2 o’clock today.

Our house responded along with the West side of the city on a working structure fire on Fairview Avenue. After dispatch advised that they had received several calls, we knew we would be going to work. Since we were fourth Engine arriving, our crew caught the hydrant and laid the supply line in. The attack crew made a great knockdown, and we didn’t even end up using the supply line. After catching the hydrant, Engine 2 crew was assigned to vent the roof. Goose and I laddered the roof and carried our tools on up. We were able to get a 4×4 vent hole cut in the roof, and wrap up pretty quick.

FireCam 1080

This was the first fire that we have caught since I got my FireVideo.net helmet cam in service. I’m not going to be going viral with the boring footage of catching a hydrant and using a chainsaw. I will be doing a review on the camera as soon as I catch some more work. The footage turned out nice, and I used to it to a few stills as well. Based off of this fire, the helmet cam does great. It wasn’t exposed to any extreme heat or water today, but the video footage was smooth and focused and the audio was clear. Be sure to check them out at FireVideo.net.

Engine 2- ’91 Pierce Lance

Our Engine is a ’91 model Pierce Lance Telesquirt w/ 55′ ladder on top. We are due up to be replaced, and the rumor is that we should have a new Engine within a few weeks. The new one will be a brand spankin’ new E-One, but without the ‘squirt. Our department decided to go away with the squirts a few years ago when they started replacing them. This may have been the last fire our Engine responds on because I know some of our guys are bustin’ to get the new truck in service. I’ll keep everyone posted when the new truck arrives, she’s supposed to be nice.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and stays in house tonight.