New Apparatus and Visitor from Germany

What a day it has been!

We came back on shift today from our four day break, and have been busy, busy, busy.

New Engine In Service

To much surprise, a few days ago our new Engine was placed in service. It is a 2012 E-One that replaced our Pierce Lance Tele-Squirt. The apparatus is equipped with mostly brand new equipment. It’s nice to have a brand new rig to work off of and new equipment to go along with it. We spent most of the getting familiar with the new truck. We started painting most of the hand tools with our new color code – baby blue. Each of our apparatus has it’s own color code to make it easy to recognize which truck the tools came off of. Along with the color code, of course, everything is marked up E-2 with black sharpie. While we were in the middle of painting some of our tools…

The fire tone sounded….(High-Low-High-Low) Station 3, Station 2, Station 1, Station 4…Smoke Investigation. *******(address), the caller advised the house was filling up with smoke.

We would be second due. On a typical response, the first due engine responds emergency traffic, while the additional units respond routine until advised otherwise (or based on dispatch information.) While responding, Dispatch advised that the residents were told to exit the structure, and Engine 2 was stepped up to respond Emergency. Engine 3 arrived on-scene a single story residence with nothing showing. Upon investigation, they reported a possible fire in the wall with smoke in the structure. All additional units then responded emergency traffic. Our crew assisted in locating the fire in the lower level of the house, and it was found in the ceiling of the bathroom. We immediately went to work pulling the ceiling and digging out the source of the fire. Units on-scene made quick work of discovering the source and were able to eliminate it from extending to the rest of the structure.

We got to break her in by taking her on her first run and first fire all at the same time.

Visitor From Germany

Just before we caught our run, we had a Troop Leader from the Federal Agency of Technical Relief, also known as THW. Their website can be viewed here, but unless you can read German…you won’t be able to understand any of the text. The Troop Leader, Christian Nolte, was visiting some friends in a neighboring town and stopped by to check out some of our technical rescue equipment. I picked his brain for a little bit while we showed him around and he told us that the agency is a volunteer agency that is all across the country of about 80,000 volunteers. He told us about the specialized squads that they use to respond to all types of technical rescues. He told us about their K-9 squads, water rescue squads, and even referenced their “emergency doctors” that respond with them on runs. They don’t respond to medical emergencies, but do supplement the cities who have paid departments. They also train with them on a weekly basis, and he is stationed in Berlin.

Before he left, I was sure to hand him one of our Station 2 challenge coins by NM-Coin, and I also gave him one of our patches for the department. He was prepared and presented us with a THW patch and a patch from his full-time department from the Embassy in Berlin. We are looking to start a patch board in the station, and these will definitely be some unique patches to post.

We finished up painting a few more tools and even mowed the yard for the first time this year…woo hoo! While I hope for a quiet night, we shall wait and see what’s in store for us.

Stay safe.