Station Project: Photos, Patches, and Logo

Since I have been off for a couple of weeks, I am still getting back into the swing of things here at the station. In March of this year, I made a post about some projects that we have been working on around our station. We started with the stairwell of the station, and you can read that post here (Station Project: The Stairwell). I tend to find myself making updates on our Facebook page on a regular basis, and sometimes forgetting to post the information on the site.

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After finishing up the first project, we started working on several more at once. The next thing we did was add some decoration to the station. Fire Station Number 2 was built during 1941, and is currently the oldest station in the city. The wall decorations around the station had nothing to do with the fire service, and most likely have been on the wall since the station was built. We decided that we would showcase some of our stations history by framing photographs that have ties to this station.

New photos hanging in Station 2

Last month, we received a brand new Engine that replaced our 1992 Pierce Lance Telesquirt. That truck had seen its better day, and we were stoked about getting a new one…especially one with AIR CONDITIONING! I had taken a photo a couple of years ago when I was stationed here of the ’92 model. We decided to frame up a photo of the truck that just retired after being in service for over 20 years. The exact same shot was taken with the new truck, and we also framed it up. For the center photograph, we framed a photograph from our station in 1941 when it opened. This is just the first step of showing of the history of our department and of our station.

Patch Wall

It isn’t rare to walk into a fire station and see a large wall of patches that have been collectively gathered throughout the years. Some are dropped off from visitors, and others even gathered from our brothers while they are on vacation and stop in a station. Only one of our stations currently has a patch wall, so we decided we needed one as well. Several guys have brought in patches they had in shoe boxes at their house, and we have had a few visitors since the project was started. The patches are being displayed at the top of our stairwell to add some color to the bare white walls.

If you have a patch you would like to trade or send us, email us at or stop by the station at 1804 Crescent Drive.

Station Logo

Many fire stations throughout the country have station logos, slogans, and mascots. Besides a few nicknames throughout the members of our department, our stations don’t have anything “official.”

Last year, I designed our challenge coin for Station 2 and we purchased them from NM-Coin LLC. I have ordered several coins from them, and they have all turned out great. The design of the coin came from a decal on the side of the Kingsport Life Saving Crew’s rope rescue trailer. Since Station 2 is the Technical Rescue station, we incorporated that into the design of the coin.

I was recently contacted by James Lewis from the Charleston, South Carolina area about drawing up a logo for me. We worked through a few different ideas and gathered a few images of what other departments had done. I can’t thank him enough for the great quality drawing that he produced for us. We are currently having the design digitalized, and look forward to hopefully producing patches, decals, and possibly even some shirts with the logo.

As always, we are working on a few more projects at this time. In 1941, our station had a flag mounted on the front balcony of the station. In later photographs from throughout the ’50s and ’60s, the flag had been taken down. I recently gained approval from our administration to mount a flag on the balcony. We will be taking a 12′ pike pole and mounting a lanyard and pulley to attach the flag to.

Do you take pride in your company or station? What projects have your brothers and sisters completed around the station? Let us know! We would love to share the ideas with others.