The Mourning Never Ends

It seems to never end. It seems to be getting worse.

I have been away from the TV and internet a lot of the day with the typical Friday chores at work. We have been pretty busy with CEU class, service calls, and mowing the lawn since the start of the shift this morning. See the latest at Statter 911 by clicking here.

I did catch the reports of the 5 alarm fire in Houston earlier today after the MAYDAY had been transmitted, and early reports stated five or six injured firefighters (a couple critical). I was afraid that there was going to be a LODD or two based on the reports that I was getting earlier in the day. It wasn’t until this evening that I was told that the injured listed above were in addition to four of our brothers who were killed in the Line of Duty.

Every situation is different, and they are taking place all across the US. It seems that Texas has been hit hard recently with losing members of the fire service.

From Bryan, TX, to West; from West to Dallas; Dallas to Houston…they continue.

It’s more often than not that I see a thin red line profile picture on Facebook while scrolling through my friends. Maybe part of it is that everything is publicized more on social media then it used to be, but there is no doubt that it’s happening more frequent.

Each time a LODD occurs across the country, we all mourn. We all relate to what situation they are reported to have been in. We have all had moments and situations that we should not have been in, and we relate to how we managed to not become a statistic.

I mourn each time that I hear of a brother or sister passing away in the line of duty. I honestly think it effects me more and more each time I read a news report. I have lost sleep over them…over the deaths of individuals that I have never met. Why? I think it’s because each day I have more and more to live for, and couldn’t imagine leaving my family and loved ones behind. I knew going in to this that it was a dangerous business, and that I pray that I will do what I need to in when faced with a tough situation.

Let us truly remember each and every brother and sister who are killed in the Line of Duty. Let us mourn the loss. Let us remember their family. Let us study what happened. Let us train to beat the odds. Let’s face it…the odds are against us.

Read and remember those who were killed today (information from the Houston Fire Department):

Captain EMT Matthew Renaud (35) of Engine 68. He began his career with the Houston Fire Department in October of 2001 and in addition to Fire Station 68, has served out of stations 51, 39, 83, 73, 37, 60 and 35.


Engineer Operator EMT Robert Bebee (41) of Station 51. He began his career with the Houston Fire Department in August of 2001 and in addition to Fire Station 51, has served out of Stations 37, 40, 10 and 48.


Firefighter EMT Robert Garner (29) of Station 68. He began his career with the Houston Fire Department in October of 2010 and has served out of Fire Station 68 since.


Probationary Firefighter Anne Sullivan (24) of Station 68. She graduated from Houston Fire Department Academy this past April and was assigned to Fire Station 68.