Busy as a “B”

I’m on shift today on the East side of town and we’ve had a busy day to say the least. I have kept check on the Facebook page “Likes” and very glad that we hit 2,000 likes today! I would like to thank all of our followers for checking out our Facebook page!

This is a screenshot of an apartment fire we had last shift on the west end of town via Fire Cam HD (FireVideo.net)

With a few retirements on the horizon, the rumors have started circulating at work about who is going to what shift in the moves that are to take place. This typically happens any time that a transfer is expected, and I always just look forward to the “official” announcements to put everyone’s mind at ease. As several of you may know, I am on the list for the Technical Rescue Team, and this time that plays into “who goes where” of the moves. I was hired in on “B” shift, and have remained her for the past 5 years. All three shifts have a great set of guys. At the end of the day, I am thankful to have the BEST CAREER in the world. No matter what color day I show up to work on, I will look forward to walking through the doors for years to come.

Several of our medical runs today have been pretty serious runs that resulted in our paramedic riding in the ER with the ambulance. While we were at the ER to pick up our personnel, Engine 7 was doing the same. These are two of our four Seagrave engines, E-3 and E-7 at the hospital today.


With the summer approaching, we typically don’t have any more than minimum staffing on-duty. When the max number of personnel are off, then I hit the road to float between the stations to fill in for the guys who have the day off. I expect to be on the road travelling throughout most of the summer, but I enjoy working with crews that I typically may not get to work with very often. The down side is that I may not to get to work on a few of the projects that I’ve been trying to tackle at my station. This will give a few of the other guys a chance to help out some more while I am out.

This is a rough sketch of a shield that is in the design phase by 1st In Leather. Head over and LIKE their page by clicking the link. The shield will act as a memorial plaque in Station 2, where Captain Charles Berry was running out of when his apparatus (K10) crashed. His death was our most recent Line of Duty Death in 1988. The shield showcases the years on the job, the apparatus he work off of, as well as his love for fishing in his off time. You can read the article about Captain Berry by clicking here. This is going to be a great tribute to a brother that I never had the chance to meet. I will keep you posted as we work to complete the project.

Station 3 Challenge Coins

It was no coincidence that on the day that I get moved out to work on Engine 3 that our Station 3 coins arrived. These turned out GREAT and I’d like to thank Mike from NM-Coin LLC for producing such an amazing product. This is our 3rd station coin that we have designed, and we hope to design one for each station.

The design concept around the coin is partly an inside joke, and those in the area may see the relation to Station 3’s response zone. We came up with the slogan, name, and mascot just for the coin and based it off of the territory. Station 3 is on Memorial Blvd and on the downside of a hill. The station also has quite a few nursing homes that are in the first due area. That’s about all I’m going to say about it, but I’d like to think that everyone can read between the lines.
Here is a shot of the entire collection. If you are local, the coins are for sale for $7 per coin. I have a few extras, and I will also be giving some of them away on our Facebook page. If you haven’t LIKED the us on Facebook, click here to possibly get in on the giveaways!

The Blowin’ Smoke articles are taking off and I sent out around 15 emails today for individuals to complete. I know they have been some of the most popular posts to date, and I know that we have some great things in store for you! The next one features a Lieutenant with the Cincinnati Fire Department. You will want to be sure to check back and give it a read.

Stay safe,
The “Model City” Firefighter