Station Project: The Red, White, and Blue

As many of my followers are aware, I have been working on several projects around the station for the past couple of months. Most of them are small decorative changes, and some are bigger than others. Today, we finished one of the most significant ones that is visible to the citizens of the city and anyone who drives by our firehouse.

Nothing helps display PRIDE like an American Flag. PRIDE for our country. PRIDE for the fire service. PRIDE for our department. PRIDE for our station.

You may be thinking, all fire stations have flags…so what’s the big deal? Ours hasn’t for years…

The oldest photo to date that I have found from our station was from 1941 when the station was build. The men stood at attention in front of their apparatus as the American Flag was displayed on the balcony of the new station behind them. Additional photos that I found from the 50’s and 60’s no longer had the flag displayed on the balcony. Some years later, the local lifesaving crew building was built next door and the station shared the flag pole with them. Due to additional building design changes, the Life-Saving Crew had removed the pole and added one to the side of their building. This left our station without a flag.

This is a project that I was only able to complete because of the cooperation of the department for helping purchase supplies. One of the Engineer’s (soon-to-be Captain) on my shift, Johnny Jones, donated time and supplies to assist in fabricating a stainless steel mount and building a pulley for a pike to be added to the pole. We found a decommissioned pike pole in the rafters of the station, and stained/sanded it down to be used as a flag pole. Several others have helped with some of the tasks involved in getting all of the components ready for the final result.


  • American Flag: $29.95 (Department)
  • Stainless steel mount: $100 (Department)
  • Pike/ Pole: Free (Decommissioned)
  • Stain/Hardware: $15
  • Labor: Donated

For now, the flag will be raised at sunrise and lowered at sunset. I was told that a light would not be purchased to illuminate the flag at night. Honestly, I don’t mind raising and lowering the flag. I hope that the other shifts personnel won’t mind either. In a way, we have established another tradition that is unique to this station. It can be another task that we incorporate into our morning/evening duties.

If you have an idea, make it happen. If you’d like to see changes at your station or department, start the process. It starts with an idea and ends with results. Don’t take no for an answer and your dedication/ hard work WILL pay off. Read this recent article I wrote called Being That Guy.

Time to lower the new flag for the first time…

Take care and stay safe.