It’s Contagious


It’s good to get to travel to other stations and catch up with brothers that I typically don’t work with closely on a daily basis. This series I’ve been working out of headquarters at our Station 1 in the downtown area. Out of this station, we run one engine, one ladder, a fire/rescue engine, and our deputy chief. The first two shifts were busy with med calls and fire alarms, but we were able to get more than just that accomplished.

Our patch wall and where our run board will go.

Station Pride…I’m starting to believe it’s contagious. After blowing off all the comments and remarks about the time and money I have spent putting in to my station, it seems the guys wanted to take advantage of me being down here. We did some rearranging of the patch wall and hung a few new photos. The truth is though, they are wanting to do it. All I’m doing is helping them out with a few things, but they are coming up with the ideas and making it happen.

Many of the firehouses across the country have assignment boards up in the station showing the riding assignments for the day. Currently, Station 2 is the only one that has had one, and it’s not even used by all the shifts. After rearranging, the guys decided we would go down to our old training ground and pull an old chalk board off the wall to make one. We picked it up today, trimmed it down to the size we need and reattached the edging. It’s out back with the paint drying right now, but it is going to be nice. We painted the edging “fire engine red“!

I also brought in my brand new Firefighter Straw Hat that was sent to me by Saint Florian Clothing. This hat is pretty sweet and the guys have been looking at it all day. Mow your yard? Go out on the lake? Going fishing? What better way to keep the sun off your neck than a firefighter straw hat? They will even make a custom shield for you! Click here to check out there site and let them know The “Model City” Firefighter sent you!

We also logged some “training” hours on Saturday when we set down as a station and watched Burn: One Year on the Frontlines to Save Detroit! If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to click here and purchase a copy. Sit down with your brothers at the station. It’s deeper than that! It draws out some great attention to the fire service as a whole. Send a copy to your Chief! Mail it to your Board members! You can read my write-up on it by clicking here.

If you have a patch board up in your station, post a picture of it to our wall on Facebook! We’d love to see your station projects showing off STATION PRIDE! One of the reasons I share a lot of this with our followers is hoping that it may inspire some of you to start a project of your own! If you trade patches or collect them, you can also send us a message if you’re interested in trading! Click here to LIKE us on Facebook!

We also need to keep the members and families of our fallen brothers out in Arizona as the memorial services take place tomorrow. This is a photo of our Kingsport Firefighters shirt by Crosstitched that was added to a memorial in Arizona. Thanks to Marcus Starnes for sending in the photo.
Stay tuned for a new Blowin’ Smoke article coming later in the week!

-Stay Safe