Product Review: SAINT FLORIAN Straw Firefighter Hat

The “Model City” Firefighter was recently asked to complete a product review on a very unique piece of headwear. It is a Straw Firefighter Hat from Saint Florian Clothing with a custom laser-etched leather shield.

Saint Florian Clothing

Saint Florian Clothing is an apparel brand based in San Bernardino, Southern California. They provide quality clothing with a new firefighter style. From straw firefighter hats with custom shields to a modern designed t-shirt, they are the place to go. The company was established in 2011, but just launched it’s website in late 2012. Don’t let that fool you though, it seems like they are making an impact early.

“Firefighter/CEO/Founder/Designer Zack Taylor of San Bernardino County Fire Department built this clothing company with the desire to use 10% of all proceeds to help provide our brothers and sisters in the fire service around the world with donated emergency medical supplies they are unable to obtain themselves to better serve their prospective communities. Be a SAINT in our mission, be a proud supporter of Firefighters, be proud to wear SAINT FLORIAN CLOTHING.” –

 The “Model City” Firefighter’s Custom Straw Firefighter Hat

I must say that since I initially ran across the site online, I was very interested in the straw firefighter hats that they produce. Naturally, I think that this is a neat “party” hat that is lightweight and also pays tribute to the fire service with the custom laser etched leather shield. They did let me know that the shields turn out best when you provide a vector file, but all I had to provide was a JPG file. Zack said that had I provided them with a vector file that the shield would have come out with a little more detail.

This is a close-up of the shield.

I had been in contact with Zack a few times and had decided to send him the logo from our fire station to have etched on the shield. In hardly any time at all, I received notification that it was on its way. The shipping was quick and effortless, and the product was everything I had hoped for.

I took the hat to work and everyone loved it! It’s a great hat for mowing the lawn, fishing on the lake, or even a brotherhood bash in downtown. For around $30-50 depending on what options you choose, you can have one designed with your custom logo today.


NOTE: The straw hats only come in one size and are listed to fit MOST. I have a rather large head and the hat is a little small for me. The elastic band on the inside though makes it easy to press down on anyways.


Saint Florian Clothing
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