High Water Ahead

Around 530 pm this evening, the rain started falling. We thought it was never going to quit…

Photo by April Bradshaw of the area near Station 2

The water in the downtown area was worse than any of my crew had seen ever before. Talk about taking a toll on the department! According to the CAD, our department responded to 49 incidents in just a few hours. This isn’t counting all the countless stranded vehicles and hazards that the crews encountered while responding. The calls for assistance ranged from reported structure fires to stranded motorists with water coming into the vehicle.

We climbed on the rig around 545pm, and finally caught a break around 800pm. The Red Cross has opened a shelter in the area for the residents who were unable to return to their houses. The shelter are at Lynn View Community Center in the Lynn Garden area.

Our department runs 8 engines, 1 fire/rescue engine, 1 ladder, and 1 chief unit. At multiple times this evening all units were tied on the incidents, but everyone worked hard to ensure each call was answered. A Class 1 call-in was initiated early from the Chief, but it takes time for personnel to respond to the station. Luckily, with all Fun Fest activities being cancelled for the evening, we had personnel close by. They were able to assist in staffing reserve apparatus to help with the high call volume.

Members prepare to check the areas for residents in need.

Once the initial calls were answered, two task forces were assembled to check the areas for stranded residences and vehicles to ensure everyone was safe. Members from our technical rescue team were placed into inflatable boats to check areas that were inaccessible by fire apparatus.

It has been a busy one to say the least. With the assistance of each of our dedicated members of our department and the city departments, every call was answered. After all, that’s why we are here…

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Stay safe,
The “Model City” Firefighter