Station Project: Assignment Board

One of the many unique pieces that is often displayed in firehouses across the country is an assignment board. While it doesn’t seem to be limited to the bigger cities, I believe they appear to be more frequent there. Many of us have probably seen a lot of the run boards that are still displayed in the firehouses of the FDNY that display some of our brothers names who were murdered on 09/11/01.

The run board display at 8Truck FDNY from 9/10/01

This is a recent introduction to our department, and it seems to be well received. We have been using a dry erase board at Station 2 for several years, and it is used occasionally. Our shift seems to use it more frequent than some of the others, but it seems to be catching on with the other shifts. In January, we would come back in off of our 4 day break and our names would still be written on the board. Now, it is typically filled out by the other shifts on a daily basis.

Station 1 Assignment Board

During the few shifts that I worked at headquarters a few weeks ago, the guys had came up with the idea of making an assignment board. Instead of just letting it remain an “idea,” we decided to act on it.

The board after a fresh coat of paint.

We travelled to our old training ground and removed a blackboard from the wall. The board measured 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall. After taking it back to the station, we used a circular saw to cut the board in half. After cutting it down, we reattached some of the trim to the edge and decided to paint it “fire engine red.” The paint really set off the trim work, and decided we couldn’t go without refinishing the chalk board surface. The board was probably 25-30 years old, so it needed some touching up. One spray can of chalk board paint later, it was ready to go.

We looked at quite a few of existing run boards online and decided on our text/font layout. We printed out all of the text on computer paper to give us a visual of the layout. After throwing around a few ideas, we decided to place a header at the top of the board. Below the header, we placed the Shift, Date, and Deputy Chief. The middle of the board is split into three boxes for each of our apparatus at the station as well as the ranks of each position. We left the bottom open for various assignments, out of service equipment, and closed streets/hydrants.

KMG Graphix in Kingsport worked with us to print the vinyl graphics. They were able to match up our font/size that we had printed. Once we had the graphics printed, we had several of the guys measure and lay the vinyl on the board. One of the hardest parts was trying to get the vinyl on the board without ruining it with air bubbles. Today, we mounted the board up in the day room at headquarters and chalked it up for the first time.

The finished project…

I hope this is a board that can display the names of our members for years to come. This is a tradition that began today, July 22nd, 2013. While bad habits are hard to break, if you have the willingness to establish a new tradition…make it happen. I know that the several hours we spent at the station working on this had all of the guys huddled around the table. It was a team project and everyone helped out to finish the project.

Project Cost
Red Electrical Tape: $5
Chalk Board Paint: $5
Decals: $25
Starting a new tradition at your station: PRICELESS!
Total cost: $35

The project was completed by “B” Shift Station 1. Jared Lindholm, Ben Wexler, Terry Arnold, Shawn Bossert, Dennis Rochette, and several others did the majority of the work on this project. Way to go guys! You have a nice assignment board to be PROUD of!

As always, feel free to comment below and share with your crew…