Model City Station Tour: KFD Station 2

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Kingsport Fire Department: Station 2

Station 2 in 1941

In 1941, the city of Kingsport built the second fire station to help increase response times to the citizens. The station was built at the intersection of the Bristol Highway and the Johnson City Highway, and is now addressed to 1804 Crescent Drive. At that time, the department’s members were a combination of paid/volunteer. Over the years, the station has seen quite a number of different pieces of apparatus stationed there. The station is a two-bay fire station with a training hose tower attached at the rear. Only one engine company has been staffed out of the station, and the spare bay now houses the departments Technical Rescue 2 unit.

Current Apparatus

Engine 2

2012 E-One (Engine 2)

The engine company operated out of Station 2 is Engine 2. The apparatus is a 2012 E-One that was placed in service during the Spring of 2013. The engine is a twin with the city’s Fire/Rescue 12, and they were placed in service within a few weeks of each other. Engine 2 has a custom 6 man cab, and is staffed 24/7 with a Captain, an Engineer, and a Firefighter.

Tech-2 and Engine 2 at Station 2


The city’s Technical Rescue 2 unit is also housed at Station 2. It is a Ford cab with a utility box on the bed. This unit is not staffed, but is able to respond to technical rescue calls by the personnel at Station 2. The unit is equipped with an air cascade unit, rope rescue equipment, confined space rescue equipment, and swift water rescue equipment. Tech-2 was previously used by the department as a public education unit, and by the Public Works department before it was acquired by the fire department.



An archived photo of the firefighters using the hose tower.


Hose Tower

The station has a five story hose tower that is used for department training, repelling, bail-out drills, etc. The tower is also used to hang and dry fire hose, rope, and other rescue equipment. A stand-pipe runs from the FDC connection at the base of the tower to the top to allow firefighters to practice connecting/pumping into a stand-pipe, as well as high-rise pack drills.



Fire Pole

Fire Station 2 has a fire pole that is still used today that leads from the sleeping quarters into the apparatus bay. The pole has been in service since the station was built, and is the only station that has a pole in the living quarters. Since all of the sleeping quarters are located on the second floor, the firefighters must either use the fire pole or go down a set of steps that also leads into the bay when a call comes in.

Captain Charles Berry


Captain Berry

In January of 1988, the Kingsport Fire Department lost one of its own after an apparatus crash while the engine was responding to a reported structure fire. Captain Charles Berry was killed in the crash, and had worked out of Station 2 for several years. A plaque is displayed on the wall in memory of Captain Berry. More information on Captain Berry can be found in the article Remembering A Fallen Brother: Charles J. Berry.

Antique American LaFrance

The 1916 back in its day…

To the side of Station 2, the department has the first fire engine that Kingsport owned on display. The 1917 American LaFrance was in service for a number of years by the department, and can now be seen in the glass windowed building. The engine was housed at Station 1 in a spare apparatus bay until the building was built.



Kingsport Fire Station 2 is the oldest station in the city that is still operated out of. With a lot of the history in this station, the guys take a lot of pride with working out of it. It the one of the Technical Rescue Team stations, and has a variety of houses/businesses in Zone 2. Engine 2 is first in to the Fort Henry Mall, the Dobyns-Bennett High School, and is centrally located causing it to respond to nearly every working fire in the city. We appreciate you taking the time to tour our firehouse.


Below are photographs of the station and some of the projects that have been completed…