10 Climbers? You’ve Got to be Kidding!

As many of you may know, next week I am travelling to Chicago, Illinois for a trip with the family. The trip originally came about when I decided I wanted to take them along to a fire convention, and I had never been to IAFC Fire-Rescue International, much less to the city of Chicago. As time has gone by, we decided to make a week vacation out of it and take in many of the sights in the area. We have a full week planned with a Cubs game on Wednesday, and trips to the Brookfield Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, and Millennium Park. We will then be browsing through the booths on Friday and Saturday before making the trip back to Tennessee.

With a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb coming up next month in Charlotte, NC, I figured I would see if there was one going on while we were in Chicago. I was able to find that there was one being held on Thursday, August 15th, at the Sheraton. We discussed climbing while in town, and I even thought about climbing with my little man, Issac, attached to my back. Since I am on “vacation,” I decided I would probably make the climb in gym clothes. After all, it isn’t about us…it is about THEM!

By this morning, I had about talked myself out of climbing. Out of curiousity, I was wondering how large the climb was going to be in Chicago…I mean surely it would be full! I decided to go ahead and send an email to the organizer of the climb, Mr. Hinton, this morning. I simply inquired about parking and an idea of how many climbers they had so far. I was appalled by the reply:

Thanks for considering to climb with us. I have not heard back from the Sheraton on parking. I will know more on Tuesday when I get to Chicago.

We only have 10 climbers signed up. Please put the word out.

Feel free to email or call me with any questions.


Bill Hinton

Logistics Support

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

10 CLIMBERS!!!!! You have got to be kidding me!

At first, I was very angry that we could let this happen. Do we only have 10 people who are willing to climb for the 343 firefighters that were murdered on 9/11/01! This is supposed to be a convention with firefighters attending the exhibits and training in classes next week! I thought about how the Nashville Climb in September sold out all 343 slots in less than 30 minutes. Are we FORGETting? We have all sworn to Never Forget, yet we are going to allow only 10 members of the fire service represent all 343 members who were killed that day!

I’ve changed my mind.

I will climb. My girlfriend will climb. Issac will climb (or I will carry him!)

110 for the 343

 You can climb too! Even if you are not in the Chicago area, REGISTER to climb! Message me, email me, leave a comment, and I will climb in your place! I will carry a name for you! It simply takes a $25 donation to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and you are registered. You can register by CLICKING HERE!

Please consider a donation to the NFFF and registering for the climb. I’d love to carry as many names as I can, and they will do the same! If you can’t register, pass it along to someone who may.