I Will Climb In Your Place

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the followers who have stepped up and registered for the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Chicago next Thursday. Many of you are not able to be there, but will be represented in spirit! As I have always said, it’s not about us…it is for the 343.

The Fire Critic wrote an article that can be viewed here: Click here to read what the Fire Critic said!

At this time, I have received registration forms from Rhett Fleitz, Steven Burke, Will Sergent, Melody Sergent, Zach Coulombe, Andrew Young, and Shiloh MacCabe.

You can register for the climb by CLICKING HERE!

I have had several others tell me that they were going to register. Once you register, forward your confirmation to admin@modelcityfirefighter.com.

I will be climbing, my girlfriend has agreed to climb, and I will be carrying Issac (2 years old). We will be sure to carry a name for you! We are one month out from September 11th, when there will be Stair Climb Events all across the US!

The NFFF uses the money ($25 registration fee) to help fund the FDNY Counseling Division. The FDNY even said that if it wasn’t from the support of the NFFF and the 9/11 Stair Climbs, this counseling would not be available.

I will even step up and say that if you send me your T-shirt size in the registration email, I will mail you the t-shirt (as long as they have them available) to you after I return to town!

Let’s fill it up! Get the word out and register!