Plenty of Brotherhood, but No Sweet Tea!?!

I was able to get off shift to allow us an earlier start to Chicago. We headed out around 6 this morning, and had plans to be in the Cincinnati area by lunch. I had talked with Zach Green of MN8 Foxfire last night, and made plans to swing by. He even said that he had a surprise for us for the stair climb!

Issac pets the MN8 Chameleon, Flash.

We got into Wyoming, Ohio around noon today, and Zach was waiting on us in his office. This was the first time I had been to the MN8 headquarters, and boy do they have the set-up! They’ve got the spread laid out with a fooseball table, Ms. Pacman, and even a pet CHAMELEON!

Talk about BROTHERHOOD: Zach Green, President and CEO of MN8 Foxfire gets it! He started off giving us a tour and we were even lucky enough to grab a bite to eat to discuss the growing business! He was quick to take up with Issac, and that means a lot! Issac continues to talk about how he enjoyed petting the chameleon and hanging with “Uncle Zach!”

Rachel ordered “sweet tea” with her lunch, and she quickly realized the sugar on the table would have to “sweeten” it for her! I’m not sure where the line is that they quit serving it, but we now know we are above it!

Zach had seen where we are trying to get firefighters to register for the FRI 2013 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, and he said that they were making a $100 DONATION to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in MY NAME!  How awesome!?!?! Zach and the MN8 crew were planning on making the climb with us, but due to instructing one of the classes on Thursday, it didn’t work out! Even though they weren’t able to climb, they stepped up to show their support!

Here is a picture of Issac, Zach, and me after I gave him one of our KFA shirts by Crosstitched, a company patch and challenge coins by NM-Coin LLC, and a thank you for the hospitality!!


Have you registered yet? You can do so by clicking here! The names keep coming in…and its a great feeling to hear the email notification go off knowing it is another climber registered.


As of right now, we are climbing in place of:

  1. Rhett Fleitz
  2. Danielle Celii
  3. Tim Davies
  4. Bob Gard
  5. Melody Sergent
  6. Will Sergent
  7. Terry Arnold
  8. Andy Young
  9. Zach Coulombe
  10. Shiloh MacCabe
  11. Jennifer Williams
  12. Tom Bauer
  13. Steven Burke
  14. MN8 Foxfire with a $100 DONATION!

I would like to thank you ALL for the support! We are going to climb for each and every one of you! There is still time to sign up for the CLIMB! Tomorrow is our day at the Brookfield Zoo, and then we will be travelling into Chicago for the night.