No Time To Hesitate

Are you prepared? When you show up to work, are you always ready? The crew that were first to arrive at the fire today sure were. Engine 4 Captain Swinney and Firefighter Olson were forced to run to the scene of the fire when they arrived to find the road closed. About 35% of the house was heavily involved with fire, but they didn’t hesitate. KPD Officers, family members, and bystanders were already making attempts at gaining access to the victims. These attempts were not failed due to lack of trying though, but instead it helped firefighters jump in to action upon arriving on-scene.

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A ladder can be seen here leading to the second story window. -Photo by

The structure appears to be one story on the A-side, yet two-stories on the C side. The A-side of the structure was heavily involved with fire. The father was a victim himself after receiving burns from attempting to save the children, but Swinney and Olson were dressed out and ready for work. A ladder was placed against the side of the residence, and they entered the bedroom to pull the four year old and six year old children out. The children were in serious condition, and reported to already be unresponsive. Cpt. Swinney and FF Olson then passed the children out to the responders/citizens who were waiting outside.

Deputy Chief David Chase stated that the rescue took place within 3 MINUTES of crews arriving on-scene. 3 Minutes…That’s 180 seconds. Due to the information provided by the Kingsport Central Dispatch and the bystanders on-scene, they were able to locate the bedroom, enter the second story window, locate the two victims and remove them…and all within seconds.

Often times, the guys on the job downplay their own actions by saying they were “just doing their job” or “anyone would have done the same.” I say….HORSE CRAP! This is the kind of actions that the citizens of Kingsport need to be aware of. They need to know that the guys on the job don’t just have too much down time or get paid to eat and sleep. They show up for work, train on a frequent basis, and GO TO WORK when the bell goes off.

Hats off to these brothers, and everyone else who responded. The entire response is a team effort, and I have no doubt that everyone helped each other make a difference today. This is why we fight closing engines down. This is why we push to have stations built to reduce our response times. This is why we are all here…to make a difference.

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