It’s No Myth (The Brotherhood)

When I first joined the fire service, I often heard the guys at the firehouse talk about the brotherhood. As I was just a 16 year old that was joining the Explorer Program (BSA) for something to keep me out of trouble, I had no real sense of what they were talking about. As time passed, and firefighting became my lively hood, I slowly began to understand.

Throughout the last few years on the job, I have seen the “brotherhood” in action. A few if the moments that stick out in my mind are when our department lost one of its own and firefighters from neighboring departments came in to cover, guys from across the country coming together to help our brothers at FDNY after Hurricane Sandy, and numerous accounts on a daily basis here at work.

For reasons that aren’t necessary to mention, I’ve been having a rough go recently. I’ve been able to get through it so far, will continue to, and I’m very thankful for the brotherhood. It’s more than a myth, it’s one of the greatest things out there. I can’t thank enough of the guys for the thoughts, the prayers, and the open ears.

If you are having a rough day, in a hard place, or just need to get something off your chest, talk to your brothers and sisters. They have been there for me, and will be there for each one of you.