Product Review: COAST HP314

After completing a few reviews for COAST, I received a new, innovative, top of the line flashlight to review. I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I am not a typical “flashlight” junkie…until now. The HP314 is unlike any flashlight that I have ever owned. The 1132 lumen flashlight is able to switch from a spotlight to a flood light with simply sliding the head of the flashlight forward. The beam has a distance of 2,240 feet, and it is designed for the rugged use in emergency services. The light has a high-output mode, a strobe light mode, and a low-output mode. It far surpassed by expectations, and has definitely been a conversation piece amongst my co-workers.


COAST Products Overview

Well-known for their premium knives and multi-tools, over the past decade COAST skyrocketed from zero market share to a market leader in premium LED flashlights by developing innovative products trusted by everyone from the weekend warrior to the Navy Seals and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. COAST’s technologically advanced products are safer and easier to use, while at the same time being extremely functional and enjoyable to own. COAST Products was founded as COAST Cutlery Company in 1919. Originally established to provide quality knives to the farmers, ranchers and workers of the Pacific Northwest, today COAST produces premium LED lighting products, including top-rated flashlights, headlamps and Lanterns (EAL – emergency area lighting), as well as fine-crafted knives and world class multi-tools. Every COAST product reflects an investment in skilled craftsmanship and quality materials and is backed by a COAST guarantee. COAST products are available from leading automotive stores and suppliers, outdoor specialty and sporting goods stores, and numerous online retailers.” –



The flashlight and accessories arrived in a very nice foam lined zipped carrying case.

The flashlight and accessories arrived in a very nice foam lined zipped carrying case.

The COAST HP314 is the “Cadillac” of flashlights and it shows from the second you unzip the case. It arrived in a very nice, padded, zipped carrying case that included all of the accessories as well as 4 D batteries to power up the light. The accessories include a shoulder strap, a belt loop holster, and rubberized caps to place on each end of the flashlight to help prevent damage.



  • Long Range Focusing Optic
  • Speed Focus
  • 1132 lumen light output
  • 4 hour 15 minute runtime
  • 683 meters (2240 ft) beam distance
  • Custom EVA carrying case
  • Shoulder strap
  • Batteries: 4 x D (included)
  • Length: 17.12 in. / 43.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.1 lb. / 1.4 kg
  • Diameter: Body – 1.53 in / 3.89 cm; Bezel – 3.35 in / 8.50 cm

The HP314 with the rubber caps and shoulder strap installed.

Product Performance

The HP314 allows you to truly throw a lot of light a great distance when you need to illuminate an area. During product testing, the light was used to illuminate areas in the distance and also up-close. The broad view flood light allow you to brighten an area close to you with an equal distributed beam. This allows you a great crisp view of the area and does not distort it with a brighter center. This could be very beneficial if using the light for search/rescue operations. The video below highlights the broad/spot technology.

The specifications stated that the typical battery life out of 4 D batteries are around 4 hours on the High-output setting of 1,132 lumens. This can be lengthened up to 192 hours when the flashlight is being used on the Low-output setting of just 95 lumens.


All COAST products include a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. This does not include wear and tear on the products, but if you have any issues, you can contact their Customer Service. More information on the Lifetime Guarantee is available by clicking here.

The suggested retail price of the HP314 is listed online at $349.99, however it can be found online at much lower prices depending on the website. My initial thought was that the price was very steep for a flashlight, but after seeing the amazing performance/product of the HP314…I believe it is a great investment for individuals and departments.


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