Provide Mutual Aid to Detroit

nfelinkThe National Firefighter’s Endowment launched their largest campaign to date this morning. As we are all aware of the problems that Detroit Fire is going through, the Detroit Mutual Aid campaign is a  “collaborative” campaign to bring fire nonprofits, groups and departments together in a coordinated response raise money to purchase and ship donated equipment into the hands of their first responders.

Provide Mutual Aid

1441366_10153388255020104_1956355126_nThere are several ways that you can assist in providing “mutual aid” to the companies in Detroit. The website,, launched this morning. Online you will find links to purchase a shirt, lists of needed equipment, links to share with your friends on social media, and also contact information if you are interested in partnering with the National Firefighters Endowment.


How You Can Help

This is about something much larger than Detroit. This is about corporations, organizations, departments, and individuals throughout the fire service coming together for those in need.  The wish lists of items have been posted under each DFD Company on the website. Browse the site and see if you have something in surplus that is needed.