Product Review: Recycled Firefighter

I was recently contacted by Jake Starr, a firefighter from Louisville, Kentucky, that operates a business and website called Recycled Firefighter. Starr sent a few items out that I found very useful and I have included a review of the products and company in this Product Review of Recycled Firefighter.

Who is Recycled Firefighter?

PrintJake Starr is full-time firefighter who loves being creative. He uses recycled materials from around the firehouse to create handmade items that will last a lifetime. All of his items are made with the highest quality zippers and webbing. The material he uses is synthetic double jacketed fire hose, and this stuff is an amazing material. The fire hose has lasted a career in the fire service and instead of going into the landfill once it’s ready to retire, he saves it and gives it a second life.

  • He is a full-time firefighter who loves to sew.
  • He sells these items to help support his family.
  • He is located in Louisville Kentucky.
  • Recycled Firefighter has been in business for a year.
  • He designs and creates all items himself.


Toiletry Bag

rfftoiletryThe toiletry bags are made from super durable super thick cloth jacketed canvas 5″ fire hose. This hose is used to supply the fire truck with water from the fire hydrant, it can withstand up to 300psi. The hoses these bags were made from served the people of Louisville Kentucky for many years before they were discarded and rescued from the landfill. The bags are made from the outside jacket of the hose, the rugged exterior of the hose has to withstand years and years of abuse. This amazing material is best characterized as a super thick woven canvas material, thicker then anything you’d buy at the fabric store. This unique synthetic canvas holds it’s shape very well and makes for a stiff and rugged toiletry bag.  Each bag shows the character from a lifetime of service on the fire engine, the marks and scuffs make each toiletry bag unique. No one else will own a bag exactly like yours! The bags are 12inches long x 5inches wide and 3inches tall. Each bag is unlined but has a soft clean canvas interior.

  • High quality size #10 ykk zipper
  • Large metal zipper pull
  • 1 inch Rescue webbing for pulls
  • Triple sewn inside seams
  • Stenciled Recycled Firefighter logo
  • Super durable thick canvas
  • Water resistant
  • Personalized name option: In the Special Instructions, you can include up to 10 characters to be stenciled to the side of the bag. ($10 additional)

Tool Bag

rfftoolsThis tool bag is made to last. Built from 3″ canvas fire hose it’ll probably survive the apocalypse. This amazing synthetic material will not mildew or dry rot and is woven to resist abrasion. Throw some wrenches, screw drivers, or a whole socket set in this bag and rest easy your tools will be safe until you need them again.

  • Triple sewn seams
  • High quality ykk zipper
  • Metal zipper pull
  • “Tool” stenciled on side
  • Mildew and dry rot resistant
  • Size 13″- 4″- 2″


As part of the Christmas special, the Toiletry Bag is currently marked down from $59 to $39. A personalized option of having up to 10 characters stenciled on the side can be added for $10.

The Tool Bag is also on sale from a regular price of $50 down to a sale price of just $25.

The Model City Firefighter’s Toiletry Bag

rffmodelcitybagI received a Toiletry Bag that had the blogs title stenciled on the side of it and a set of fire hose coasters. Upon until now, I carried a hanging L.L.Bean toiletry bag that was a Christmas gift from several years ago. As soon as I received my new bag, I unloaded all of my items out of my old bag and into the new one from Recycled Firefighter. All of my items fit down in the new bag that is made from retired fire hose, and it has a really heavy duty zipper to keep it closed. The size is really comparable to a lot of my co-workers bags that they carry their items in.


I had no problem fitting the following items in the bag:

  • Razors
  • Shaving cream
  • Body wash
  • Electric Razor
  • Deodorant
  • Soap
  • Q-tips
  • Toothbrush
  • Tooth paste

Other Recycled Hose Items

rcffmodelcitycoastersAs I mentioned, I also received a set of drink coasters that were made out of retired LDH. They sport the Recycled Firefighter logo on the center of them, and even came with a holder to keep them together. They are also able to make custom items, and ask that you contact them with any items you have in mind.

Contact Recycled Firefighter

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