Pride. Honor. Integrity.

As I was viewing a few videos online this morning, I came across a video titled, “Welcome to the Fire Service” by Rick Lasky. While I haven’t had the pleasure to attend the seminar, “Pride and Ownership,” I have been able to read the book. I also am able to say that I have been one to show the pride that I have in the fire service. Through projects around the station and articles on here, I have tried to share the PRIDE that I have in the business.

Did you have any idea what you were getting into? Did this start as just another job for you? Was it a calling?

There are many key points that should be driven into the new recruits, as well as several elements that even experienced firefighters can take away from the video.

Pride: Take PRIDE in your job. Train. Wear your uniform correctly. Look professional and act professional. Be proud of your company, department, and badge!

Honor: Treat ever citizen as they are your family. Treat others property as it is your own. Take HONOR in what you are being allowed to be a part of.

Integrity: There is no other profession that someone will just hand you their child. They will let you in to their house at all times of the day, sometimes while they are home and sometimes when they are not.

Retirees: We everything to them. They lead the way to where we are today. They did our job in tougher times and with less equipment. They should never feel or be treated as a stranger. Sit down and drink coffee with them, and listen to what they have to say.

If you don’t have Pride, Honor, and Integrity…there is the door! If you can’t appreciate the job, there is the door. We are the future….

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Do you have the qualities Chief Lasky is referring to? I think these are all great words of advice that I wish would have been told to all new recruits. Do you think any of them would walked out the door?