Product Review: Ringers Rope Rescue Gloves

Ringers Gloves is known throughout the fire rescue industry for producing a high quality glove that provides adequate protection for personnel in all different types of rescue scenarios. The “Model City” Firefighter recently received a pair of Ringers Rope Rescue gloves for a product review.

Ringers Rope Rescue Glove Review

The review was completed by Captain Sean Broyles of the Kingsport Fire Department. Captain Broyles was requested to provide feedback on the specialized rescue gloves due to his experience and knowledge in technical rescue. When Broyles isn’t riding the seat, he is co-owner of Tech-ResQ Training Specialists.  Broyles has been instructing Fire and Rescue courses throughout the United States since 1990. He is also the inventor of the SKEDCO Emergency Escape Window Anchor for firefighters. He has been deployed on several rescue missions, including a 9 day response to the World Trade Centers Collapse.

As I first took delivery of the Ringers Rope Rescue gloves, I was impressed with the overall look and design of the gloves. Aside from using them on-duty, I was also able to put them to the test while instructing numerous confined space/rope rescue technician level courses. I have worn many different brands of gloves in the past because I tend to go through a lot of rope gloves due to teaching several classes per year. The Ringers Rope Rescue gloves have held up exceptionally well and the dexterity of the gloves was superb. I typically wear a size XL, which is the size that these gloves were. The only con that I have came across to date is that they are very warm once you have been wearing them a while. They make an excellent rope glove for colder weather, but in the summer, they lack the ventilation to be comfortable. I would recommend the Ringers Rope Rescue gloves to anyone in the fire/rescue field who could potentially be involved with any type of rope work. I continue to use them during classes, and they are ready to be put to use right out of the package.

Product Features

Retail Price: $39.99

  • Unique gel padding rope control channel
  • Patented SuperCuff design
  • Pittard’s Armortan® palm
  • Premium synthetic leather palm and fingertip patches
  • Kevlar® stitching
  • Neoprene padded knuckles
  • Incredible fingertip dexterity allows knot untying without removing gloves
  • Available in Red and Black

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