The Remodeled Model City Firefighter

As we kick off a new year here at The “Model City” Firefighter, we have some great things planned to make this our biggest year yet! The first difference you may notice is that the website looks totally different now. The changes that we have made are to help the reader’s experience while on the site. This website is now much more “mobile friendly” if you are viewing from your smart phone. The menus are easy to click through, and everything should fit to the screen better. One of the other changes is the thumbnail and article previews listed on the main page. This will allow the main page to not be clogged up with an entire article, and allow the readers to scroll through the articles easier. A few more changes may take place in the coming weeks.

Since we are announcing changes and improvements, I will go ahead and let you all know that we have some Challenge Coins and t-shirts in the works for a few giveaways! If you haven’t LIKED us on Facebook, be sure to click the link¬†below to stay informed. You can also find the links on the side to follow us on Twitter at: @modelcityff. We are on Instagram with the same username: modelcityff.