Mutual Aid Response to the Motor City

The Model City Firefighter is headed to the Motor City to provide mutual aid!

A couple months back, the Detroit Mutual Aid Project was launched to raise much needed funds to purchase equipment for our brothers and sisters in Detroit, MI. As a Board Member of the National Firefighters Endowment, I have been involved with the project since the launch. There have been several different ways for individuals to help, and I wrote about them here in the article: Provide Mutual Aid to Detroit.

The Detroit Mutual Aid Project, is a nationwide collaboration of firefighters, departments, organizations, associations and corporations, with a common mission, to come to the aid of the firefighters on the front lines of Detroit. We refuse to sit back and watch them fight without even the basic safety equipment.

dfdmutualSince the launch of the project, numerous sources of funding have been rolling in. The National Firefighter Endowment has orchestrated the project to ensure that vital equipment will be delivered to the members of the Detroit Fire Department. As everyone is aware of the situation that The Motor City is in, we couldn’t just stand back and watch any longer. The website features an outline of some of the equipment that has been purchased with the donated funds, and also the profits from t-shirt sales. This project has been made possible due to each and every one of you who have donated, and each and every one of the companies and organizations who have assisted in supporting it.

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On January 25th, I will be boarding a flight and flying to Detroit to personally deliver the equipment to the first responders! I will be meeting up with around 25 other members of the National Firefighters Endowment Officer’s Club (Click here for more information about how to join), and we will be distributing the equipment to the different engine, ladder, and squad companies. The equipment will aid in keeping our brothers and sisters safer on the fire ground, and replace decommissioned equipment that has been taken out of service due to the high call volume that it is put through.


My fellow bloggers, Rhett Fleitz (The Fire Critic) and Captain Wines (Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen) will also be on location to assist in delivering the equipment. They are going to be nearby for a speaking engagement for the Kalamazoo FOOL’s, and will be driving straight to Detroit afterward. Their dedication and passion for the fire service is very apparent, and this is an event that they have been very supportive of as well. However, these aren’t the only familiar faces that will be on hand.

foxfireEarlier this week, Zach Green, founder and President of MN8-Foxfire, announced that they are donating a significant amount of MN8 Foxfire product to the brothers and sisters of Detroit in conjunction with the Detroit Mutual Aid Project! This will assist firefighters by improving positional orientation, increasing visibility, and making personnel accountability easier. Zach is no stranger of Detroit, and has assisted the firefighters there before. Click here to read about some of the time Zach spent with the brothers on the job in Detroit. Zach is also planning on being in Detroit on Sunday, January 26th, to personally deliver the products!

detroitcarepacksLori Mercer,, will also be travelling up with her family to provide a unique type of “mutual aid” to the wives and families of Detroit’s Bravest. As the wife of a firefighter, Lori personally knows how difficult it can be at times. She has always made sure that the wives of other firefighters across the nation know that they are not alone! She has rallied her troops (fire wives across the country) to assemble Fire Family Care Packs to help remind them that they are appreciated as well. The Fire Family Care Packs consist of hats, mugs, jewelry, and handmade items. They are being put together by fire families and will be delivered to fire families! They are also looking forward to delivering yummy homemade treats to the fire stations.

MN8-Foxfire and are just two of the many companies and organizations that are assisting in making the project possible. A few of the other companies that have provided discounted pricing, products, and support for the Detroit Mutual Aid Project include:

Whether you are an individual, a Chief of a Department, a Corporate CEO, or a member of the media, we still have a spot for you to help us in making an impact. We will be in Detroit in 2 weeks, and it’s crunch time. Click here to read about how you can partner with the Detroit Mutual Aid Project. For all of you who have already assisted, THANK YOU! For those of you who are unable to make the trip, but have still supported to project…THANK YOU! For those of you on the job in Detroit, Mutual Aid is on it’s way! This campaign is not the answer and the problem solver, it is the BROTHERHOOD making their best effort to make as substantial of an impact as possible.