Full Steam Ahead

Everyone has goals of something that they look forward to accomplishing. These may be personal goals of happiness, professional goals for advancement, or a goal that is set to be accomplished years from now. Goals can ALWAYS be reached through your dedication and hard work. Personally, I have a variety of goals that I have set and would like to work torward. I was attending college when I was hired by the Department, and a long-term goal of mine is to receive my college degree. I know that when the time comes and I set my mind to it…it will be something that I WILL accomplish.

Recently, I wrote an article, The Struggles of Staying Physically Fit, where I talk about the road that I have been down, and where I am looking to go. Tonight, I will accomplish another goal by completing the CrossFit On-Ramp. This is the two-week course that prepares you for the fast-paced workouts that are typically involved in the ever so popular CrossFit “boxes” (CrossFit gyms are called boxes due to their gyms typically don’t have all the bells and whistles). While I know this is just the beginning, it is a necessary step that I had to take help get into the physical shape that I need to be in. I’m all in, and will be giving it every ounce of energy that is required to accomplish my goal.

You  have the ability to choose which way you want to go. You have to believe great things are going to happen in your life. Do everything you can – prepare, pray and achieve – to make it happen.
– Author Unknown

fdicclimb-300x225Since this has been an up and down battle for me, I can tell when I start to lose focus. I know that I need to surround myself with those that are helping me push through. I CHALLENGE those of you who know me personally to NOT let me lose focus. Help me stay on track, and push me to make improvements everyday. Several times a year for the past several years I have participated in a few 9/11 Memorial Stair Climbs. These climbs raise money for the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation, and help me personally honor those who were killed on 9/11/01. I have completed climbs while I was in great shape, and I have also completed climbs when I wasn’t. The important thing to note is that I still did not let it keep me from climbing…due to dedication. My fellow climbers would ask WHEN we were going to register for the climb, and not ask IF. Speaking of the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climbs, I will be climbing this year at FDIC in the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis and the registration just OPENED. Click here to register and CLIMB WITH ME!

My friends and family have been by my side through everything. If I’m in the gym every day or have fallen off the wagon while chowing down at Golden Corral, they are still by my side. I consider all of my friends and family part of my team. They help me out when I need it the most, and they keep me pushing forward. Being part of a team can make all the difference when you are focused and working toward accomplishing your goals.


Many of you may be familiar with a company named RIDE BACKWARDS. At a first glance, they are a company that offer apparel that is designed for firefighters to wear while staying active. Their apparel line is full of hoodies, shirts, shorts, pants, and many other items. They are MUCH more than just a company that sells t-shirts though. They are focused on tradition in the fire service and it shows through a lot of their designs. They are a TEAM of individuals that work together with fellow firefighters to provide apparel and to motivate others to push themselves to accomplish personal goals. Their customer service is top-notch, and is far beyond what most companies provide.


When I said that RIDE BACKWARDS is a team, I meant it. Allow me to explain what I meant.

Each year, RIDE BACKWARDS features a number of individuals from around the world that dedicate their time to bettering themselves, and sharing their drive with others. The RIDE BACKWARDS Athletes that they feature each year are those who work hard to accomplish goals, and even if they are individuals or a Firefighter Combat Challenge team, they are all members of Team Ride Backwards. Many of the athletes participate in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, some are competitive runners, some are competitive marksmen, and some also complete obstacle races or 9/11 Memorial Stair Climbs. These individuals work hard to spread a positive influence on the fire service and on the company.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

The RB Flag will be displayed in my box, CrossFit: Shifty Powers

The RB Flag will be displayed in my box, CrossFit: Shifty Powers

The list of 2014 Ride Backwards athletes is available HERE. If you take the time to browse through the list, you will see that I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of TEAM Ride Backwards! My name is among some true athletes that have dedicated themselves to maintaining great physical shape, and helping to spread the concept to others. Since I have been selected as part of the team, I have set several new goals that I look to achieve during 2014. These goals include helping motivate others, improve my own personal fitness level, and to stay active through various events. This will include much more than the occasional race or stair climb, and I appreciate the support as I achieve these goals. Click here to pre-order a RB Flag to hang up in your station or at the box.

Click here to check out some of the great apparel that Ride Backwards offers! Throughout the year, as members of my team complete events and accomplish goals, I will be sharing them on Facebook and on the site to remind others that you can accomplish any goal that you set your mind to.


In closing, I wish to remind all of you to get active, motivate others, and spread the word. If you are hitting the gym on a regular basis, then your co-workers will be more likely to do so, and may listen to your advice when it comes to finding out what worked for you. If something works for you, share it with others. There are many others out there that are in the exact same situation as I am or the same situation that you are in. As always, thanks for following along.

Let us know what is working for you! What are your personal fitness goals that you have set? Is it to complete your first 5K? First 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb? Comment below and spread the word!