Product Review: Fire and Fuel Apparel

Fire and Fuel Apparel recently contacted The “Model City” Firefighter about conducting a product review for their apparel line. While there are plenty of great lines of apparel out that base designs around the fire service, I believe they each have something unique to offer. As most of you would probably agree, it seems that a lot of us enjoy wearing clothing off-duty that provide a change of scenery from the blue duty shirts that we all wear on shift at the FD. Fire and Fuel Apparel has been around for a few years, but it was actually a new discovery for me. If you haven’t seen their line-up or heard about the company before, head over to Facebook and “LIKE” their page by clicking here.

The Company

Fire and Fuel Apparel explains their story on their website by saying:

Fire and Fuel Apparel is committed to honoring the real heroes without capes.  The brave men and women who chose to follow the fire within and give their all in service to their fellowman.  Their passion runs deep and is fueled by their need to make a difference.  Apparel has always been a standard form of expression.  We want to wear the “brand of our tribe.”  Starting a company that is bringing together the messages of these hero/heroines has ultimately provided an avenue for giving back, which is a perfect fit!

Owner, Jerry Lund, began his dream of becoming a fireman when he was a very young boy.  His best friend was a mentally challenged boy who was often visited by the local firemen.  Jerry saw these men as heroes and that ignited the fire!  He knew that he wanted to grow up and make a difference.  His passion for service has only grown stronger through his 23 year career in the fire service.  His service began as a volunteer firefighter/EMT. Jerry has worked his way up the ranks to his current position as Captain at a combination fire department.  He has seen the countless hours of service and sacrifice that have been given by so many.  His desire to give back to this brotherhood of firemen is what inspired the creation of Fire and Fuel Apparel.

Fire and Fuel Apparel is committed to providing the highest quality apparel while giving back a portion of all proceeds to fallen heroes and their families.   Our mission is to honor the unsung everyday heroes and inspire those of the future.

Fire and Fuel Apparel Items

f&fadecalJerry sent several items over for a review, and I hope to be updating this page with additional items from their company in the future. Soon after contacting us, the package promptly arrived in the mail. Off of first impression, it was very obvious that they put a lot of thought into their designs. They offer everything from hats, shirts, blankets, decals, and polos; however, they also are offering a few jewelry items that can be delivered just in time for Valentines Day.

As seen here, they sent over several nice Fire and Fuel Apparel decals, the Fire and Fuel Mossy Oaks hat, and the Lucky Fore Golf Reaper tee.

f&facamohatFirst off, I’d like to say that I did not own a camouflage hat…until now. While this is hard to believe since I grew up in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee, it’s the truth. This hat is actually really nice. The FlexFit style hat with the fitted back fits very comfortable on my head, and the bad*ss Fire and Fuel embroidery on it really takes it over the edge. I’ve been wearing it quite often and had several positive comments on the design.

A few specifics on the Fire and Fuel Mossy Oaks hat are listed below:

  • 97/3 brushed cotton/spandex
  • structured low-profile
  • Permacurv visor
  • S/M 6 3/4″-7 1/4″
  • L/XL 7 1/8″-7 5/8″
  • XL/XXL 7 3/8″-8″

As I mentioned above, it seems like all of the apparel lines offer their own unique take on off-duty firefighter apparel. A large majority of the guys from my department play golf during their days off from the firehouse. This is where Fire and Fuel Apparel offers a very unique set of items. Their Lucky Fore Golf Reaper items all feature different items that are catered to all the firefighter/golfers out there.

Fire and Fuel Apparel writes this about their collection:

Fire And Fuel Apparel present our new line of golf apparel and bags called “Lucky Fore”.

Fore originally a Scots interjection, is used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball. The mention of the term in an 1881 British Golf Museum indicates that the term was in use at least as early as that period. The term means “look ahead”. These caddies were often warned about oncoming golf balls by a shout of the term “fore-caddy” which was eventually shortened to just “fore”. We have a integrated a few elements from our apparel lines that are firefighter themed and integrated them into our golf line of clothing. The Reaper featured in some of the apparel is there to remind you that he will be there to grab that stray ball.

f&fagolfThe design on this tee is very unique and catchy. It features the reaper swinging for the hills on the front, and a golf ball/tees on the back in front of a maltese cross. The shirt is 100% combed ringspun cotton that has been preshrunk. This makes the shirt really soft and comfortable with a more athletic style fit. Click here to purchase the Lucky Fore Golf Reaper tee. They also feature a golf bag, hats, polos, and golf balls.

There is no doubt that the company is great firefighter owned company that deserves your business. Be sure to check them out online, on Facebook, and send some business their way. They recently teamed up with our brothers over at RoofTop Angels to offer a t-shirt for them. A portion of the proceeds will benefit injured firefighters who aren’t able to return to work. Click here to check out the RoofTop Angels shirt. I’ll keep this post updated with the most recent reviews from Fire and Fuel Apparel.