When Dreams Become Reality…Detroit Mutual Aid

Within the last few days, brothers and sisters in the fire service headed North (and a few even same “south” from Alaska) to provide Mutual Aid to Detroit Firefighters. A large amount of the group is from the National Firefighters Endowment, several are wives of firefighters (FirefighterWife.com), and others work for businesses who have supported the project. Today, all the rubber met the road as we headed out to visit a total of 5 firehouses in Detroit, Michigan, to deliver fire equipment to the brothers and sisters who were in dire need of help. It wasn’t that they were asking for help, it was actually more about the fact that we knew they needed help. Various pieces of equipment from fire gloves to hand tools were dispersed throughout the city to Detroit’s Bravest today through what is known as the Detroit Mutual Aid campaign. Click here to read about the campaign in an earlier article that was posted called Provide Mutual Aid to Detroit. Unfortunately, since I was on a later flight in, we actually met the group at our first stop of the day. The rest of the crew had gotten up early to prepare all the equipment and organize it in to boxes to make the dispersal quick and easy. The brotherhood/sisterhood is ALIVE in Detroit! It is truly humbling to see how appreciative the members of the Detroit Fire Department are as they received the equipment. They see A LOT of work, they are using older equipment, and they have the BEST attitude as they do it.

I will post further updates over on our Facebook page as hit another 9 FIREHOUSES tomorrow!


Detroit Mutual Aid Day 1

Engine 9 Ladder 6 The first stop of the day was at Engine 9 and Ladder 6. I arrived just as they were finishing up here, but below are a few photos of the equipment delivery. We also caught this station operating at an abandoned gas station fire as we were heading back to the hotel.

Highland Park Fire (Stop #2) The second stop of the day was at Highland Park Fire. You may have heard of them from this viral video by Scott Ziegler. Scott and the rest of the crew were there today to receive some equipment. Highland Park is completely land locked by Detroit and offers Mutual Aid to them on a regular basis.

Engine 35 (Stop #3) The Engine 35 crew was so gracious for us delivering all of the equipment to them! They showed us around the station and stated it was over 100 years old.

Engine 44 Ladder 18 (Stop #4)

The forth stop for the day was at Engine 44 Ladder 18 quarters. These guys opened up their house for us and shared a pot of coffee as well.

Engine 50 Ladder 23 Chief 9(Stop #5)

Last, but not least, was the Engine 50/Ladder 23/Chief 9 quarters. This was the house that was featured in the BURN documentary that many of you may be familiar with. These guys actually asked US what THEY could do to help! We told them to hang in there and let us take care of them! This is what we were talking about when we said their attitudes on the entire situation is so positive!

-The “Model City” Fighter