Positive Attitudes: Detroit Mutual Aid

As most of you know, our crew had a very busy day yesterday. As we started Day 2 of the Detroit Mutual Aid equipment deliveries, we had 9 firehouses to hit in only a few hours. This did make the visits much shorter than many of us would have liked, but we were here to do a job. Despite having to rush to so many houses, we were sure not to sell any of the guys short. At each stop, we took the time to explain who we were (National Firefighters Endowment), where we were from (Alaska to New York), and what new equipment we had for them.

How often can you stop at 9 firehouses and get all positive attitudes? I know one place you can…Detroit, Michigan. From the Fire Commissioners to the guys on the rig, every single one of them had such a positive attitude. They are doing so much with so little, but they still enjoy showing up for work every single day. Over worked and underpaid, these guys are thankful to have each other and are all looking at the better times that are to come.

The stations that we were able to deliver equipment to yesterday were:

  • Engine 27 / Ladder 8 / Chief 7
  • Squad 4
  • Ladder 22 “The Double Deuce”
  • Engine 34 “The Lords of Livernois”
  • Squad 5 / Ladder 17 / Engine 40
  • Engine 39
  • Engine 55 / Chief 2 / Ladder 27
  • Engine 54 / Ladder 26
  • Engine 17 / Ladder 7

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One of the local news stations, WXYZ, covered the story about the Detroit Mutual Aid project and the equipment distribution. Below is the video and a link to the full article:

DETROIT (WXYZ)- Firefighters from across the nation are coming together to help the men and  women of DFD.

Last January someone stole some saws off a Detroit fire truck.  With no  money in the budget to replace the equipment, Detroit Firefighter Jeremy Mullins  reached out to the National Firefighters Endowment organization for help.

“We we able to get them a brand new rescue saw, a chain saw and some medical  equipment for the guys,” said President Shane Parkins.  “We wanted to do  more, so we launched the Detroit Mutual Aid project.”

Read more: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/detroit/detroit-firefighters-get-help-from-their-brothers-and-sisters-from-across-the-country#ixzz2rbiOvw5M

groupIt has been truly a pleasure to meet all of the individuals that have flown or driven from near and far to be a part of such a great event. The DFD guys showed each and everyone of us nothing short of the best hospitality that we could ever experience. My brothers, Rhett Fleitz (The Fire Critic) and Cpt. Willie Wines (IronFiremen) made it up yesterday after their trip to Kalamazoo, and brought a few of those brothers up with them. Dan and Lori Mercer (FirefighterWife) brought their crew up for a few days and delivered Care Packs for the families of the firefighters. It was truly a great experience and everyone seemed to work great together. Every single person in attendance was utilized and has been a great part of everything accomplished. Our brother, Jeremy Mullins, from L22 has put a lot of time and effort into organizing a lot of the equipment lists and working things on the DFD side of the fence. We also wouldn’t have been able to deliver the equipment if it wasn’t for each and every one of you who purchased a shirt, and if the companies who make the equipment wouldn’t have taken care of us on their end. THANK YOU!  I was able to meet a lot of great guys and gals for the first time, and look forward to keeping in touch with all of them.

Let’s also keep all of our brothers and sisters in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding area in our thoughts and prayers as they deal with some hard days ahead. They had two brothers that died in the Line of Duty yesterday, and they need the thoughts and prayers headed their way. Click here for some of the stories about the LODDs.