Reflecting and Remembering

 detroitfireThis past week has been very busy for us here at I have been in Detroit, MI, delivering equipment to the brothers and sisters with the Detroit Fire Department on behalf of the National Firefighters Endowment. While it is very different from Hurricane Sandy, there have been many similarities with my trip and involvement with the brothers. I made many personal friends while I was in New York for the Hurricane relief trip and also made plenty of friends while in the Motor City. Both trips consisted of brothers and sisters travelling across the country to provide assistance to those in need.

detroitfire1In Detroit, it was unfortunate that we didn’t have the chance to get to know many of the brothers on a more personal level. On Sunday night, I was able to spend a few hours with the brothers with DFD Squad 4. I had the honor to sit down and break bread with these brothers and was all ears how I learned the Detroit Fire was of doing things. Many of their fire ground operations and department wide procedures are very unique, and I’m not sure that I still understood many of them after being all-ears for a while. One thing is certain, they have adapted amongst themselves to do the most with the least. They see so much work so often, yet, they still have more positive attitudes and still enjoy showing up for work everyday. The conversations with the guys around their kitchen table were priceless and will always be a very special experience that I have been able to take away from this trip. I hope to make a trip up later this year and get  better understanding of how things work. More information about our trip can be found by searching #detroitmutualaid via social media. You can also read Dreams Become Reality and Positive Attitudes .

morphew (4)Yesterday, I was very busy returning from my trip as well as being very exhausted due to the trip. Yesterday’s date was January 28th, which hits home for me in many ways. On January 28th, 2008, I accomplished my goal of becoming a career firefighter here in the Model City. One year later to the day, I lost one of the greatest mentors, instructors, and friends that I have ever had: Earl Morphew. For the last five years, it has always been an emotional day for me, and I believe it always will continue to be. There are many things that I would like to say, but I have covered a few details on the site before regarding my friendship with him. Every day of every year he is in my thoughts, and his family is in my prayers. I reflect back on the times that we had, and remember many of them as if they were yesterday. When designing the logo for the site, I even included the bottom of the logo to include a memorial for him. RFB 219.


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As I returned to work today, it appears that I brought much of Detroit’s weather back with me. Our chains are on the trucks, and were getting back into the swing of things. Check out a few links below that have also covered the National Firefighters Endowment’s trip to the Motor City. The Detroit Mutual Aid project is still being funded with t-shirt sales. Click this link to purchase a shirt.

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