The Model City Hires Three “Probies”

Training-Hazing-Is-Not-TrainingSPECIAL DELIVERY: This morning three probies were delivered to our Central Headquarters, and have now been officially sworn in.

In all seriousness, this morning, the city of Kingsport swore in three new probationary firefighters at Headquarters on Island Street. The three firefighters were hired to replaced three current vacancies due to retirements that have taken place throughout the past few months. You may remember, we had three of our members retire back in late December. I wrote a bit of a comical post about it here called: Packing Up, Station Moves, and Retirements. Since they had left, we had been hearing about the possibility of the hiring being held off until July. The good news is that it wasn’t the case, and we can get these guys into the Northeast Tennessee Regional Fire Training Academy that kicks off next week.

The academy is around 14 weeks long and will cover everything from First Responder, Firefighter I & II, and also Haz-Mat Technician. Several area departments send their new hires to this academy including: Bristol, TN, Johnson City, Newport, Church Hill, Morristown, Greeneville, etc.

I would like to welcome Matthew Declercq, Joshua Duncan, and Joshua Nelson to the Kingsport Fire Department! It is the greatest job in the world, and a great place to work! Send me your t-shirt sizes so I can get your Rookie Firefighter shirt ordered before you guys graduate.

Our friends over at Firefighters Worldwide recently posted a Rookie Tips for the First Day. While they will be in rookie school for the next little bit, click here to check out the list.


Do you have any words of advice for Matt D., Josh D. and Josh N.?