Hamilton County, OH Dispatcher Follows Dream

In the past, the fire service a field that seems to continuously support their members and the endeavors that their members take on! Just off the top of my head, I can think of our brother Marco in North Carolina who’s family was supported during their hard times by the Fire/EMS community, the support that our brother Hunter of Team Hunter continues to receive, and the most recent story of Tyler from Rhode Island that is receiving birthday cards next week from all of us in the field across the country. While it seems that there are always those who need support, we need to be there for them to help drive them toward their goals.

A former firefighter and a 911 Dispatcher out of Hamilton County, Ohio, Barrett Cohen, has been recognized in the past for his outstanding job performance. As most of us know, the job of a dispatcher is one that can either make things easier or more difficult on the first responders. We’ve all been on the other end of the radio as a dispatcher that is clueless, and also ones that have been in the field before and understand the information that is critical to relay to the responders. Cohen is that guy!

Cohen’s ties to the fire service unfortunately are much deeper. In 2010, Barrett’s brother was killed in a house fire while he was attending the University of Dayton. The death of his brother sparked the creation of A.J. Cohen Memorial, Inc. that Barrett has been a driving force behind.

In 2009, in an effort to raise greater awareness regarding the dangers of college campus fires, the A.J. Cohen Memorial Fire Prevention Program was developed.  Firefighters Randy Miller and Alan Guile of the Springfield Township Fire Department designed the program specifically for high school seniors using real life examples of college campus fires. -www.ajcohenmemorial.org

He is currently the General Manager for WLSN – Le Salle Broadcasting Network, but he has bigger dreams in site. He recently interviewed with thousands of others for a job position as a PA Announcer for the San Diego Padres. After the interview, he was recently notified that he is ONE OF SIX finalists being considered for the job. He has since had final try-outs and meetings with the management.

Barrett Cohen, Chasing the Dream from Cincinnati to San Diego from Lance Hart on Vimeo.

Now, he needs our support. His brothers and sister firefighters have asked that members of the Fire Service community help back Cohen as he pushes on to accomplish his dreams, bringing baseball and broadcasting together.

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You can also read a news story about his journey here: La Salle Broadcasting Network GM a semifinalist for public-address position in MLB