Product Review: J5 Firelids

This product review is on a very unique and useful product that helps provide comfort to firefighters every time they step on the rig. The J5 Firelids are comfortable replacement pads for your fire helmet. It isn’t that the stock helmet pad isn’t comfortable, the fact is that it is about replacing the stock pad with a 100% customizable comfortable pad that will add a personal touch to your lid.

J5 Firelids

j5logoThe company is owned and operated by Kevin and Kristen Merkh out of California. Since it was established in 2011, the company has continued to grow its product line and offer every customizable option that you can think of. The following quote is from their website that tells how the company came about:

While looking at the worn pad inside my helmet, I came up with an extension of that idea. My idea was to create a breathable pad that was more durable but also custom to my interests. My mom, knowing what a die hard Angel f…an I am, sewed my first pad out of some fabric she had leftover from making dresses that my 3 daughters wear to Angel games over 5 years ago. Since my first Anaheim Angel FireLid, we have been desperately trying to keep up with co-workers demands for lids that showed off their interests. Like our first FireLid, we have remained committed to making all of our J5 FireLids by hand, using 100% cotton material. Cotton brings a durable and breathable quality to our lids. Our FireLids are machine washable allowing your lid to be the cleanest and best smelling part of your fire helmet.


J5 Firelids offers a number of product options to fit the needs of every client. A few examples are:

  • Sports Teams Firelids: material customized with your favorite sports team
  • USA themed Firelids: various material options featuring red, white, and blue
  • Custom Embroidered Firelids: custom embroidered lids for your department or company
  • Standard Embroidered Firelids: 343 or Shamrock embroidered lids
  • Heat Transfer Firelids: photos of your children, company logo, etc. can now be heat transferred to your Firelid

Helmet Compatibility

J5 Firelids are currently compatible with the following helmets:

  • Phenix Fire Helmets
  • Cairns Fire Helmets
  • Bullard Fire Helmets

Please specify which model you are needing upon placing your order.

The “Model City” Firefighter Review

j5 (1)While attending FDIC 2012, I stopped by the Phenix Fire Helmets booth since I had recently purchased a TL-2. At the time, they had several of the J5 Firelid standard embroidered pads. The first one that jumped out at me was a American flag patterned pad with “343” embroidered in the center. As soon as I returned back to the firehouse, I dug into the inside of my helmet and untied the string that kept my standard pad in. Within just about 5 minutes, I had replaced the pad with my new J5 Firelid.

Over the next couple of years, the J5 Firelid kept my helmet comfortably mounted on my head providing me with protection on the fire scene. The pad was easily removed, and is machine washable after those “dirty jobs.” Each time I placed my helmet on the Engine, I was reminded of our brothers and sisters who gave their lives on 9/11/01. It not only served its purpose of keeping my head comfortable, but also served as the constant reminder of the 343.

j5 (4)A few months ago, I had noticed that J5 Firelids were now offering a new heat transfer option. On their Etsy website, they have examples showing pictures of children that can now be placed on the pad to serve as a constant reminder of those that are waiting on us following our shift. Since I personally don’t have children, I thought that it would only be fitting to place my new Model City Firefighter logo on the pad. When it comes to my logo, there are several personal ties that were placed into the design. One of the most personal pieces is the text at the bottom of the maltese that reads “RFB 219.” This was placed on my logo as a memory of a great mentor of mine that was taken far too soon.

The “Model City” Firefighter J5 Firelids pad has held up great since it was placed into service. The new heat transfer option is a great product that holds up to the heat on the fire ground. The first shift that I placed it in service, we caught a working apartment fire. You can read about the fire by clicking here.

No matter what photo, logo, or embroidery option that you are looking to personalize the inside of your helmet with, J5 Firelids can help!



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