Product Review: Candle by the Hour

Candle by the Hour

candlebythehour2The “Model City” Firefighter recently received a very unique product from Candle by the Hour to review. The product that we received was the Candle by the Hour¬† 80-hour Horizontal Candle. They offer a variety of styles and sizes of their candles, and can be purchased on as well as in a variety of stores such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, etc. This is the first candle that we have been asked to review, but it is a great product that was produced with safety in mind.

Design Concept

The concept of the Candle by the Hour was created by the discovery of an antique design that has been traced back to the 1700’s. The eco-friendly candle is made out of bee’s wax that is fixed in a coiled design to allow the owner to “unwind” a set amount of candle based on the amount of desired burning time. The candle burns approximately 1 inch per 20 minutes, and can be set to burn up to 3 inches per hour. The bronze colored metal stand provides an elegant look, while the metal clip extinguishes the flame at the point that the fire passes through it. This is a patented product that was created with a unique safety design to assist in decreasing the chances of an unattended candle causing a fire.

Candle Fires

On average, there are approximately 32 home candle fires reported daily. These fires are typically caused due to residents falling asleep with candles burning or due to combustible material coming in contact with/ being stored near the candles. The Candle by the Hour design assists in eliminating the chances of a residential fire starting due to the metal clip that holds the candle wick in place, and also extinguishes the fire once the wick has burned through the metal clip.

Product Review

candlebythehourThe overall rustic look of the candle is very appealing, and as a firefighter, I love the fact that the candle self-extinguishes once the fire reaches the metal clip. The candle comes packaged in a nice box, and is ready for use as soon as it arrives. I did numerous test burns to ensure that the metal clip worked as stated, and it did extinguish the fire every time during the review. It is never recommended to leave a candle unattended, but it is a definitely an additional safety factor that is built into the design. The candle seemed to burn around the advertised time frame of 1 inch per 20 minutes or 3 inches per hour. The metal clip is adjustable from side to side to adjust with the amount of wick/candle that is left on the reel. Candle by the Hour offers refill kits of the spiraled bee’s wax that is quick and easy to switch once it has been used for around 80 hours. The candle is odorless, and produces a steady bright flame while burning.

candlebythehour1Click here to view the different styles that are offered by Candle by the Hour.

Candle by the Hour also offers a variety of different styles, some of which include designs for Christmas and Halloween. The retail value of the 80-hour Horizontal candle is around $35, but can be found on for a slightly cheaper price. The product would make a great conversation piece for your home, and also would make a great gift. Click here to purchase the 80-hr Horizontal Candle by the Hour.