FULLY INVOLVED: Tennessee! Register Now!

markvonappen-300x300Throughout the fire service, the number of websites and articles that are available to us on the web is amazing. It seems that they all have something different or unique to offer, and even if we have read an article before, we can typically retain information to apply to our crew/firehouse. When I think about deep articles that sit with you for quite a while…I think of those articles by Mark vonAppen. Cpt. vonAppen writes his articles on his BlogSpot site called FULLY INVOLVED.

Cpt. vonAppen’s articles are very well written, and always leave a lasting impression upon most that take the time to read them. Some are very short and to the point, while others dig deep into his past experiences and family roots. The heading on his site highlights many of the items that his articles are about: LEARN. COACH. LEAD.

MARK vonAPPEN, a member of the Palo Alto (CA) Fire Department since 1998, is assigned to the suppression division where he holds the rank of captain. He is a committee member for California State Fire Training and has contributed to the development of Firefighter Survival and Rapid Intervention curriculums. Mark has been published in Fire Engineering Magazine, Fire Service Warrior, and is the creator of the fire service leadership blog FULLY INVOLVED. He is an instructor for the Santa Clara County Joint Fire Academy, a recruit Instructor for Palo Alto Fire, an academy instructor at Evergreen Community College, and a member of the “Nobody Gets Left Behind” training group.

In addition to his articles, Cpt. vonAppen also travels around the country sharing his knowledge with others. With your help, FULLY INVOLVED will be coming to Evensville, Tennessee on May 31st, 2014. He has set-up a website that makes the program quick and easy for individuals to sign-up for, and also helps take some of the financial burden off of the hosting department. It is important for you to register now to help prevent the class from being rescheduled due to lack of attendance. As one of his regular followers, this is a program that I’ve really been looking forward to attending. The hosting department is located between Knoxville and Chattanooga, and I wouldn’t miss it! Round up your crew, plan a road trip, and I promise you will learn something!

The event page details the particulars on the seminar:

“Getting team members to pull towards a common goal is a key component in successful operations. FULLY INVOLVED gives students the tools to create a pact that is applicable to all levels of the organization.”

FULLY INVOLVED is rooted in improving team performance and has application in both the public and private sectors. FULLY INVOLVED has worked for over 40 years in professional football, the fire service, and applies to the business world as well. Hundreds of fire service professionals have attended the FULLY INVOLVED Leadership Seminars and are now among the involved.

It all starts with The BIG4

  • Do your job
  • Treat people right
  • Give all out effort
  • Have an all in attitude

FULLY INVOLVED is geared toward fire service professionals and it is aimed at anyone who wishes to lead in any position.

See for yourself.

markvonappen1Brother vonAppen is no stranger to us here at The “Model City” Firefighter. Cpt. vonAppen was featured in one of the most popular Blowin’ Smoke articles to date.

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He is looked up to and well respected by members of the fire service all across the country.


Set your calendar. Register for the class. Attend. Take notes. Put the rubber on the road to implement positive changes in your department.

-The “Model City” Firefighter