Station Pride: KFD Station 4

Those of you who have been following along for some time know that I often write about STATION PRIDE! I believe that taking pride in the station you work out of, and the crew that you work with should be an important quality to have. Not only should you take pride in your station, but also in your department. I haven’t met a firefighter yet that has been able to say that everything is perfect, and the crews still don’t have their gripes about certain things. Some may have better retirement than others, and some may enjoy day-to-day station life more than others. The important thing is that we make the best of what we have, and take PRIDE in the fire service.

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Since we have started working on challenge coins for our stations, patches for each station, and our logos, I have been brainstorming and gathering ideas of what we can use to help design the next station logo. While we temporarily by-passed Station 3 while they gather some ideas, we didn’t let that hold us up in continuing with Station 4.

Logo painted on the bay floor.

Logo painted on the bay floor.

I was working out of Station 4 on Engine 4 one shift and started trying to come up with some ideas for a logo. The Fantastic Four logo (blue 4 with a circle around it) has apparently been painted on the bay floor in blue paint for quite some time now. While I had gotten some good feedback about a few ideas, we thought that since it was already somewhat “established” that we would work off of that logo. Since people relate the Fantastic Four logo more with the comic books and super heroes, we decided to alter it just enough to add a touch of “fire service” to it.

A good friend out of South Carolina, James Lewis Jr., runs a Facebook Page called Thumper’s Creations. Brother Lewis enjoys drawing up designs and has worked with me on a few projects in the past. We sketched up a very rough concept to send over to him. It didn’t take long at all for him to start drawing, and before I knew it, I had the original sketch in hand. Once the guys who work out of Fire Station 4 saw the design, they loved it.

Thumper's Creations finished art.

Thumper’s Creations finished art.

Once I had a pencil drawing/color version in hand, I passed it along to our friends at NM Coin, LLC. I help these guys out by working as a Sales Rep for them for the coins, badges, and patches that they sale. We have ordered all of our coins/patches from them in the past, and knew that we wouldn’t be disappointed. The worked up a digital version of the artwork that we had a copy of and it turned out great. Within no time, we had some patches and coins on the way.

As I said, the design originated with the Fantastic Four logo, and there are a few elements that we are trying to include in each logo. Kingsport Fire Station 4 was built is 1968 on the West side of Kingsport. We operate one Engine (Engine 4) out of this station currently. We decided to make the outside of the patch into LDH with Stortz couplings, and made the inside(4) into two hose lines that were attached to a gated wye. One of the hose lines has a smoothbore nozzle, and the other has a fog nozzle at the tip. The design came out flawless, and everyone was pleased. It was then just a matter of placing a order for coins and patches.

We recently wrapped up the Station 4 Project up and I wanted to share with our followers the journey we took to develop the logo. It doesn’t have to involve a high-paid graphics artist, and it can merely just involve the guys at the firehouse.


If you have a station logo that you would like to share with us, feel free to post it to our Facebook page by clicking here(link).