H.E.R.O. Day in Hillsville, VA: Saturday, May 3rd

herodayThis coming Saturday, May 3rd, I will be travelling to Hillsville, Virginia for an event that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time now. H.E.R.O. Day will be hosted on Farmers Market Drive and will be an event that any area member of emergency services will not want to MISS! The day is being put on by Carroll County Tourism and Carroll County Fire/Rescue with the assistance of many other agencies! The event has all types of activities scheduled for ALL AGES!


The H.E.R.O. Day website describes the event as:

H.E.R.O. Day is a day to celebrate everyday Heroes. All departments are invited, come compete, train and enjoy a day with industry brothers and sisters.  The General Public is invited to join the fun. Learn about your Heroes training; get some hands-on training yourself! Enjoy our themed obstacle events and competitions. Meet your unsung heroes,  say thanks and enjoy the new found comradery with those who one day could help save your life. 

Our friends from TEAM HUNTER and First Due Fire/EMS Gear will be on hand, and I will have a table set up nearby. While I am currently out of t-shirts due to FDIC a few weeks ago, I will still have helmet decals and challenge coins on hand. I believe most of the events are going on throughout the day, but the one that I have plans on participating in is the Obstacle 5K. Besides that, stop by and say Hello! I hope to meet brothers and sisters from the area and talk about the fire service!


Event Location

231 Farmers Market Drive
Hillsville, VA

Event Schedule

GATES OPEN at 7:00am

7:30 AM Soft Ball Tournament – Registration is limited to the first 8 teams to sign up and will be a double elimination tournament. All players are required to be in the line of duty but do not have to all be members of the same department or organization and teams may be Co-ed.

8:00 AM 5 K  H.E.R.O. Challenge – This is not a timed event but is designed to be fun and incorporate challenging obstacles that you might find in the line of duty as a Hero.  Your endurance will be tested, you will get dirty and you will have fun!!!

Registration is open to all interested parties, we do ask that you sign up under a supporting organization (ie Twin County Hospital, Carroll County Sherriff’s Office, Hillsville Fire) to show your support to our Departments and Heroes.  The Supporting organization that receives the most entries will receive a portion of every runners fee and it will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project or a non-profit organization of their choice in their honor.

All other events will run concurrently throughout the day from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM with Awards Ceremony concluding the day 5:00 PM

K9 Drug Dog Demonstration/Competition – Our L.E. and four-legged officers will demonstrate how Drug Dogs & Search Dogs are trained to locate desired objects/people and their tracking abilities.

Competition Objectives will have to be achieved and the competitions will be judged upon number of successful completed tasks and timed.

K9 Attack Dog Demonstration/Competition– Our L.E. and four-legged officers will demonstrate how our take down K9 Officers are trained and used to assist in some of the most difficult law enforcement scenarios.

Competition Objectives will have to be achieved and the competitions will be judged upon number of successful completed tasks and timed.

Fire Fighter Agility Course – A series of skills will be set up that a firefighter might encounter in the line of duty, this course will challenge the Fire Fighter test their knowledge and agility – timed event. – Full Turnout Gear Required

Law Enforcement Obstacle CourseTactical and Road Officer – A series of skills will be set up that a L.E. Officer might encounter in the line of duty, these courses will challenge the officers test their knowledge and agility – timed event. Separate Courses for tactical officers and Road Officers – Full Tactical Gear or BDU Gear required

Team Fire Scenario – This is every departments opportunity to earn bragging rights there will be a series of events to complete as a crew. This event will be judged based upon completion of specific outlined tasks, safety and time.  (Think from the time of dispatch, to putting on your gear, jumping in your engine, arriving on scene, flowing hydrant, pulling hose and extinguishing fire…)  – Requires your own departments apparatus, crew members and gear.  If your bringing Apparatus don’t forget to bring a piece to display in our Apparatus Showcase

Team EMS Scenario – This is your time to shine each crew will be dispatched a scenario you will need to respond in your own ambulance to the scene and complete all necessary skills to prepare your patient for transport and deliver the patient to a location and demonstrate transferring patient care to next in line of care. – Requires your own departments apparatus, crew members and gear.  If your bringing Apparatus don’t forget to bring a piece to display in our Apparatus Showcase

EMS Skills Individual Medical and Trauma – Skill stations will be set up in the same testing format as National and State Registry for medical skills evaluation and trauma skills evaluation.  Scenarios, competitions and judging will be based upon skill sheets and will be timed for competitions.  You may register out of competition if you are interested in running through your skills for training and practice purposes but do not wish to compete. This is a great way to get practice before testing.

EVOC Skills – A road skills course will be designed to test your abilities to operate your apparatus safely and cleaning through a series of skilled challenges in a timed format.

Dispatch Call Challenge – Dispatchers will be challenged based upon a scenario to collect appropriate information from individual caller, identify complaint, select appropriate agency to respond to call and relay scenario to the crew including as much detail as possible to assist the crew arriving on scene in being prepared to handle called in complaint. Further assist caller with any instruction with said scenario complaint until emergency personnel arrive on scene.  Assist crew through remainder of call until crew has cleared from scene and returned back to being in service and available. – Will be judged upon number of successfully completed task.

Apparatus Showcase – Open to all departments and collectors.  We would love to see antiques, the newest latest greatest, your most prized piece of apparatus.  These will be judged in each of the following areas Fire, EMS, Police, Search and Rescue for the following categories Best Antique, Most Desired & Best in Show.

Vendors – We already have a wonderful slate of vendors showcasing apparatus and gear and more. If you are a vendor or know of a vendor that might be interested have them contact us. Must be a vendor related to our event theme.

Youth Cadet Program – The Youth Cadet program is something that we are really excited about… this is a time for youth to not only meet their everyday HEROS get autographs, blow horns and sirens but a time for them to learn skills in each area that can either foster their dreams in becoming a HERO or learn a life skill that can help save a life. Cadets will earn a badge, a helmet and caring hands gifts in return for demonstrating learned skills at each station. (Think Crime Scene Investigation, Making a 911 Call, Stop Drop Roll, Hands Only CRP just to name a few)

Public Education – Hand on opportunities will be taught throughout the day to learn Hands Only CPR and its benefits, the use of an Automated Emergency Defibrillator – AED Device, learning how to communicate with 911 dispatchers during crisis time, learning the symptoms of stroke, how you can assist care providers during a time of need.

Speakers – Mentors and Motivational Speakers will be on-site speaking periodically through-out the day – Topics Range from what it is like to be a HERO for a day in the line of duty. – How to cope with being a HERO, a spouse or a family member of a HERO.

Air Medical Transport – Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center/AirCare will be on scene for a walk-thru of what it is like in the line of duty as a flight medical crew. You will observe what it is like from the time of your First Responders decision for the need of air medical transport. Through setting up a landing zone for the helicopter to land, meeting the air crew and touring their helicopter.

We hope to see you on Saturday at the H.E.R.O. Day Event! It is guaranteed to be a blast for the entire family! Be sure to pass along the word at the firehouse, and LIKE H.E.R.O. Day on Facebook by clicking here!