CrossFit: Shifty Powers Honors The 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots with HERO WOD


More days than not, it seems that someone somewhere is posting on social media or sharing an article about it being the anniversary of the death of a firefighter. With the numbers consistently being around 100 firefighters that die in the Line of Duty each year, it’s no wonder that more days than not, there has been a firefighter killed on that day. We all remember our fallen brothers through our own personal way. For some, it may be sharing an article about them; for others, it may be to read the NIOSH report about what went wrong. One way that some of us remember them is by specific workouts (WOD’s) that have been designed to not only help us honor them, but also to push to become in better physical shape.

The Memorial/HERO WOD’s are tough. They are some of the toughest workout’s out there, and they should be. We are doing it to push ourselves, but they are also our motivation and helping us push even harder. Some of you may remember when we did the Memorial WOD for the Boston Firefighter’s that were killed earlier this year. That workout was set into motion since Michael “Dork” Kennedy was also a CrossFit Coach in the Boston area.

Click here to read about our Boston HERO WOD!

hslogoA few weeks ago, I started planning an event for our Crossfit box, Crossfit Shifty Powers, here in Kingsport. After a brief discussion with the owner, we decided to host an “open” WOD to remember the 19 brave men that died on June 30th, 2013 in Prescott, Arizona. These brothers were part of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots, and were fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire when they were overcome. On that day, these brothers that were doing the job that they loved made the ultimate sacrifice.

Click here to read the article, American Burning: Inside the Yarnell Hill Fire Tragedy

Last year, an event sponsored by Captain Crossfit, out of Prescott, Arizona, hosted a Memorial WOD for the 19. This was used as a fundraiser to raise money to be given to the families of the fallen. The event was a great success, and they are actually planning their 2014 event in August of this year. Click here to register for the event if you would like to attend!


6 rounds for time:

  • 30 air squats
  • 19 Power Cleans (135/95)
  • 7 strict Pull-ups
  • Run 400m

This is one variation of many of the Hot Shot 19 Memorial WOD’s out there. This one is no more important than any of the others, this is just the one that we decided to do.


The 0830 WOD group

Kingsport Fire Department had four members attend the 830 class, and they all finished out together. Some had already finished, and decided to make that final lap once again. This is a glimpse of what the fire service is about… We all have each others backs, and we all make sure Everyone Goes Home. I’d like to thank each and every one of you that came out today to show your support. Others that were not able to attend also made donations to show their support.


Kingsport Firefighter’s attending today’s WOD.

Today’s event was a HUGE success! We had members from the gym, firefighters from our community, and other visitors attend the gym to show their support of our fallen brothers. We even collected donations and will be getting t-shirts made for everyone who made the donation! It is always an eye-opener for those members who are not aware of these tragedies that we all hear about on a regular basis. All of the LODD’s do not make main stream media, and it is up to us to sometimes share the word with the rest of the public.

A few more photos can be viewed below: