Kingsport Firefighters Stay Busy with Two Working Fires in Two Shifts

On Saturday, July 19th, KFD firefighters responded to a working fire in Colonial Heights.

On Saturday, July 19th, KFD firefighters responded to a working fire in Colonial Heights.

Around 6AM on Saturday, July 19th, B-shift firefighters were alerted of a possible structure fire on Meadow Lane in the Colonial Heights community. Due to just clearing off of a medical run, Engine 6 (Colonial Heights) had an quick response time as they arrived on a 2 story wood frame residence with smoke showing. The fire crews quickly pulled a  1 3/4″ crosslay and passed Command to the second arriving Engine (E-7). Firefighters conducted a primary search of the residence as they searched for the seat of the fire. As additional crews arrived, ladders were thrown to the 2nd division as secondary means of egress. A second crosslay was placed in service and used to locate the seat of the fire. Fire units remained on-scene til the on-coming shift relieved them (C-Shift). The cause of the fire remains under the investigation of the KFD Fire Marshal’s Office.

Units Responded: C-3, Engine-6, Engine-7, Engine -2, Engine-3, Engine-1, Ladder-1

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I returned to shift Monday, and it was the last shift of our series before our 4-day. B-shift held a critique of the fire on Meadow Lane and I was able to learn about the conditions they were faced with. This is always a great opportunity for all of those members that were on-scene to collectively talk about the tasks that were accomplished, what went well, and what could have went better. Typically, the critiques only take place between those members that are on-scene, but it is a great opportunity for our members to reflect back on the scene while the actions are still fresh on their mind.

Around 0130hrs this morning, the fire tones sound for a possible structure fire on Ward Place. The dispatch information reveals that this is possibly a vehicle fire near a structure, but later confirmed that the structure is on fire. As units responded, the smoke could be seen in the clear night sky. Engine 1 arrived on-scene reporting heavy fire showing with a vehicle and a mobile home involved. Additional units arrived as two handlines were placed in service quickly to extinguish the fire. Firefighters made entry into the structure to extinguish the fire and conduct a primary search. Once the fire was extinguished, firefighters worked on-scene to horizontally ventilate the structure. Overhaul was completed and crews cleared up a couple hours after dispatch. The cause of the fire also remains under investigation of the KFD Fire Marshal’s Office.

B-shift firefighters responded to a fire early Tuesday morning.

B-shift firefighters responded to a fire early Tuesday morning.

Units Responded: C-3, Engine 1, Fire-Rescue 12, Engine 2, Engine 3, Ladder 1

Since my 4-day started this morning, I will be heading down to Raleigh, North Carolina to spend time with Cpt. Wines and The Fire Critic. Even though we just returned from Baltimore, the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo is a show I couldn’t miss. They will be having a BBQ cook-off, the Capital Area FOOLS Bash on Friday night, and a great show full of exhibits and fire apparatus. This will be my first time to this show, but I have heard nothing but great things about it. If you are in the area, let us know you will be attending. As always, I love meeting brothers from across the country, and I may have a few things to giveaway. Click here to read Cpt. Wines article about the show, and Follow me on Twitter/Facebook to find out where we will be!

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