Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: In Memory of Colton Stout

This article was written by a close friend of mine, TJ Giles. Giles is the President of the Colton Stout Scholarship Fund, and was a friend of Colton Stout, a 20 year old Firefighter/EMT who was killed in a motor vehicle accident in January 2014. The Colton Stout Scholarship Fund has been established in memory of Colton to assist aspiring EMS providers in funding the required training needed to gain an EMT licensure.


Colton Stout

Colton in TJ Giles' gear.

Colton in TJ Giles’ gear.

When a life is lost at too young of an age, we sit and wonder what it would be like to still have them here or what they would be doing now. Colton Stout was introduced to me at the age of 5, and he was a small and ever thinking young man at the time.

He was in my group at a summer program called “Safety City”. He was intrigued by the fire service just like any five year old, but wanted to make it his goal in life to forever serve and protect those in his community.

When he got the chance, Colton started off with Marlow Volunteer Fire Department, and became a firefighter going through all the basic training and then onto EMT school with his “Partner-in-Crime,” Zach Pressnell.

In this class, he met what seemed to be a challenge of the human body and wanted to learn as much about it as he could. Passing EMT was a breeze for him and his mom, Tracy Stout-Powers, said he was going to continue to be a paramedic…but never had that chance.

Colton and Zach with friends...

Colton and Zach with friends…

Colton Stout, age 20 was killed in a single car MVC on January 30, 2014. The call came in to me by one of his EMT classmates that had worked the wreck and wanted to let me know.  I knew him from his young and wondering life, and now he had been one of the firefighters at my volunteer fire dept. that I had the chance to train.

After his passing, the brotherhood/sisterhood of the fire and medical services came together to assist in any way possible, and it was here that we became aware that he had made a promise to Zach’s mom that he was going to run a 5K with her this fall. Colton didn’t get to run, so we ran it for him! One of the paramedics that had provided care for Colton was actually the overall winner with a time of 24 minutes. Since Colton didn’t get to run, we started the Colton Stout Scholarship Fund that would let us Never Forget, and also allow us to assist 1-2 persons per year with going to EMT school and furthering their knowledge to work in this profession.

Colton Alexander Stout from Jason Benjamin on Vimeo.

Colton’s 17 Protocols

Colton carried these with him every day in his wallet, and lived by these protocols. They have inspired us as an organization to create fundraising events, and each one titled by a different protocol of Colton’s. At every event, we will be selling wristbands with the event name/protocol on it. Colton had the most unique and positive outlook on life. Let these protocols not only make you smile, but let them inspire you!

Colton’s way of life was a little different than some, while not only living an average 20 y/o life, he also had volunteered as a firefighter, went to EMT school, worked for Campbell County EMS, volunteered time at the Anderson Co. Rescue Squad, and in his spare time was a substitute teacher with the Anderson Co Schools. Sometime around Thanksgiving, Colton made a hand written letter of protocols. These 17 protocols will now live with us and give us that memory of such an awesome son, friend, and Extraordinaire…

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Colton Stout Memorial 5K

This past Saturday, August 2, 2014 we got to allow Colton’s message to live on, Buy the Ticket and Take the ride (Protocol Number 6). We honored a life that was taken at such a young age with our First Annual Colton Stout Memorial 5K. Our group, Colton Stout Memorial Foundation, will now raise money with events like a 5K, four wheeler events (one of Coltons favorite past times), and other donations to send someone to school to further their education.

For more information on how you can assist, please click here to visit the Colton Stout Scholarship Fund’s website.

Article by TJ Giles (The “Atomic City” Can-Man)